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Category - The Adirondacks

Fort Ticonderoga LogoTiconderoga, N.Y. – For over a century, Fort Ticonderoga has been the premier museum of 18th-century military history, providing fresh and exciting perspectives for visitors through engaging programs and tours. The recently launched mobile application is a new way to explore the rich collections and dig deeper into the history at Fort Ticonderoga. Visitors can become their own guide as they tour the museum’s world-renowned artillery collection and the award-winning artillery exhibition, Last Argument of Kings.

Ticonderoga StreetFestTiconderoga, NY – June 22, 2017 - The Ticonderoga Montcalm Street Partnership (TMSP) is pleased to announce that they will host the 9th Annual StreetFest in Historic Downtown Ticonderoga on Saturday, July 29, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The 2017 StreetFest will include shopping, sidewalk sales, non-stop live entertainment, arts and crafts, variety of vendors, food, Farmers’ Market, fun, Star Trek Original Series Set Tour, and a variety of kid’s activities. Admission to the event is free and open to the public.

Independence Day Fort TiconderogaTiconderoga, N.Y. – Join Fort Ticonderoga July 1-4 for a four-day celebration this Independence Day weekend. Celebrate freedom by exploring the year 1777 when America was consumed in the labor of liberty. Participate in the fight for freedom when the Northern Department of the Continental Army fought to keep the great fortress of Ticonderoga from falling into British control. Take the experience onto the water aboard the recreated 1920s tour boat Carillon. Dig into the centuries of military history during guided tours in the historic gardens.

GO NorthTupper Lake, N.Y. – The Wild Center is pleased to announce GoNorth, a new itinerary-based tourism collaboration which will help draw more visitors – particularly international tourists - to Northern New York State. With coordination among more than 20 tourism organizations, attractions and businesses, the project team has created a new itinerary to highlight many of the great sights, shops, accommodations and stories found in this region.

ROOST LOGOPress invited to reception with international delegation and local sports committee

Lake Placid, N.Y. – In January, a Lake Placid/ Adirondack delegation went on a fact-finding trip about the World University Games in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to begin evaluating the feasibility of hosting the games in the future. They met with FISU officials and attended several meetings to discuss the idea.

Pollinator WeekTupper Lake, N.Y. – Things are buzzing at The Wild Center, with Pollinator Week, Wake Up on the Raquette, iForest and much more!

Pollinator Week. June 19-25. Flowers bob and wave as bees alight on their petals. They are busy about the slow, steady work of pollination. This effort does more than provide beautiful floral scenery; the work being done by these creatures contributes to our food security and survival. Take a moment and join The Wild Center as we delve deeper into the story of these creatures, whose fate is connected with our own.

Kelly - Red BlueEllsworth Kelly: Slow Curve
Ellsworth Kelly: Fruits & Flowers
June 24 to September 17, 2017
Glens Falls, N.Y. — Jordan D. Schnitzer collects the works of more than 900 artists, but when he stands in a room with artwork by Ellsworth Kelly, it is as though the rest of the world fades away. "I feel an inner calm, almost a meditative state," the Portland, Oregon-based art collector and philanthropist said.

Adirondack Theatre FestivalBy Matthew Wilkas, July 5-6

Glens Falls, N.Y. Big Babies will be performed as part of Adirondack Theatre Festival’s new play reading series. The readings will take place at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 5, and Thursday, July 6, in the cabaret space of the Charles R. Wood Theater.

Exploring the lengths people will go to get the attention they need, the play centers on Marianne, who has found happiness as a surrogate mother for families looking to conceive. When she is told by her agency that after four pregnancies they have to let her go, a heartbroken Marianne reconnects with an old flame.

Wild Center logoMonday Morning Beginning Artists Series

Tupper Lake, N.Y. – Join The Wild Center again this summer to awaken your artistic talents in celebration of art and nature in the Adirondacks.  Monday mornings, from July 10th until August 28th, come explore the natural world through art with experienced Adirondack artists.  Each three-hour class is a good way to expand your art skills, have fun and learn new art techniques in areas such as watercolor, pastels and mixed media. We hope you’ll be inspired to explore your artistic side and gain new insights into the natural world in the process by joining us for Art in the Park. Every Monday will have a different art focus and offer new skills to enhance your artistic knowledge so sign up for one or more. …

Ticonderoga - Defend the FortTiconderoga, N.Y. - This summer, enrich your Fort Ticonderoga experience with the new behind-the-scenes evening program “Defend the Fort!” During this program, explore areas of Fort Ticonderoga off-limits to daily visitation. Get a museum hack perspective with Curator Matthew Keagle and discover how the fort’s garrison prepared to tackle all of the contingencies of war from sudden attack, to bombardment, to a formal siege. Get an exclusive look at the strengths and weaknesses of the iconic fort and why and how it ultimately fell to the British while exploring it inside and out.