Adirondacks, USA - The 10th Annual Boreal Birding Festival will be held June 13-15, featuring 15 outdoor events led by 10 birding experts throughout the Adirondack Park.

The Festival is an opportunity for birding enthusiasts to observe boreal birds unique to the Adirondacks that are rarely seen anywhere else in New York State. In addition to the sought-after Bicknell's Thrush, Black-backed woodpecker, Gray Jay and Boreal Chickadee, the Adirondacks are home to over 30 species of warblers, numerous hawks, owls and eagles, many of which will be heard or seen during the festival.

This year's festival will feature 2 new trips. On Saturday, June 14, John & Pat Thaxton will lead a hike on the "Roosevelt Truck Trail" in the town of Newcomb, which is one of the few places to observe the Cape May Warbler and other boreal species. On Sunday, Michael and Wanda Moccio will forge an exploratory walk into the southern Hudson-Indian River tract in Indian Lake, part of the newly acquired land formerly owned by Finch Puryn & Co. This area, which was leased by the Gooley Club for many years, includes the Hudson and Cedar River and the surrounding parcels, and is now open to the public.

Joan Collins, a NYS licensed guide, writer and birding expert, will present "Boreal Birds of the Adirondacks", a multi-media show at the Adirondack Museum on Saturday afternoon at 4pm. The show will highlight the boreal species using photographs, video and audio tracts of these special birds and will include details of their nesting habits.

The Festival, along with the coinciding Black Fly Challenge Bike Race, features a special dinner cruise on Friday night on the W.W. Durant Cruise Ship on Raquette Lake. The boat will set sail at 6:30pm and last two hours. Reservations are suggested to assure a spot on the boat.

All events and activities are FREE of charge, but registration is necessary. To register, call (800) 648-5239 or (518) 548-3076 Monday- Friday, between 9 am and 4 pm. For more information, visit



FRI. JUNE 13, 2014

7-10am Inlet Walk at Ferd's Bog with guide Joan Collins
7am-12pm Long Lake Hike at Hitchins Pond/Low's Ridge/Upper Dam with guides John & Pat Thaxton
10am-12pm Raquette Lake Walk at Raquette Lake Rail Bed/Marion River Carry with guide Joan Collins
2-4pm Long Lake Walk at Forked Lake Campground area with guides Jerry Roberts/Bill Labes
5-7pm Indian Lake Walk at Cedar River with guides Mike & Wanda Moccio
6:30pm Raquette Lake Dinner Cruise (Black Fly Challenge & Birding Festival) Special Cruise W.W. Durant Cruise & Dine Steamship

SAT. JUNE 14, 2014

7-10am Inlet Walk at Ferd's Bog with guide Gary Lee
7-11am Indian Lake/Speculator Driving Safari at Perkins Clearing with guides Mike & Wanda Moccio
7am-12pm Long Lake Walk/Hike at Hitchens Pond/Lows Ridge with guide Joan Collins
7-11am Piseco Hike at Fiddler's Pond with guides Jerry Roberts/Bill Labes
7am-12pm Newcomb Hike - New Trip! at Roosevelt Truck Trail with guides John & Pat Thaxton
7-11am Morehouse Walk at G Lake with guides Laurie Freeman/Jamie Taft
2-4pm Piseco Driving Safari at Powley Road with guides Laurie Freeman/Jamie Taft
4-5:30pm Blue Mountain Lake at Adirondack Museum with guide Joan Collins for "Boreal Species"

SUN. JUNE 15, 2014

7am-12pm Inlet Road Safari at Moose River Plains with guide Joan Collins
7am-12pm Long Lake Hike at Northville-Placid Trail with guides John & Pat Thaxton
7am-12pm Indian Lake Walk - New Trip! Former Finch and Pruyn lands/Chain of Lakes Rd. with guides Mike & Wanda Moccio


Kim Rielly, director of communications
Lake Placid CVB /
Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism
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