Lake Placid is almost coyingly beautiful - the kind of place that makes you angry other people get to live here year-round.” So says writer Clark Mitchell to a circulation of almost 970,000 in the September issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine. In a piece entitled, “6 Easy Long-Weekend Getaways”, Mitchell leads his account with the two-time Winter Olympic site. He mentions the 1980 Miracle on Ice, Whiteface Mountain and the ski jumps, venues managed by the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA). Mitchell also takes the reader on a tour of the village, featuring several hotels, restaurants, pubs, attractions and activities along the Lake Placid area trail. Four color pages, including text and photos, are devoted to the Lake Placid experience. This marks a significant advertising equivalent that would be difficult for any one organization to budget. As colors have begun to change, the Travel and Leisure coverage is well-timed for potential fall visitors. For more information on Lake Placid in the fall, please log on to and Contact: Sandy Caligiore (, Stephanie Ryan (, 518-523-1655