Yvonne ConteSyracuse, N.Y. - A recent Gallup Poll found that 40 percent of women feel stressed out every day. To help women find happiness amidst the hectic schedules of work, family, soccer practice, swim lessons, the phone, diapers, and dinner on the table by six, the 2014 Great New York State Fair has invited motivational humorist Yvonne Conte to provide the keynote presentation at the Women's Day Luncheon on Wednesday, August 27.

Conte, CEO of Humor Advantage, Inc. is a nationally-recognized speaker and author, and the founder of the annual nonprofit Day of Joy Conference held in Upstate New York. She will present ‘The 7 Habits of Supremely Happy Women' at the Fair luncheon event.

"We all face the dangers of stress, of becoming fatigued, angry, offended, hurt, depressed, aggravated, and frustrated. My belief is that stress is not an event; it is a reaction based on perception of an event and we are free to alter how we react to the stresses in our lives. There is a better way and the Great New York State Fair is offering women the opportunity to learn 7 ways to find that better way as part of Women's Day at the Fair," Conte says.

Conte, who started her career in comedy clubs, has shared her humor-filled expertise with more than 700 leading corporation and organizations, including the American Red Cross, law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Bureau of Veterans Affairs, GE Global Research, hospital groups, associations of health care givers, and churches.

Women's Day at the NYS Fair begins with activities in the Arts and Home Center at 10:30am. The Women's Day Luncheon will be held in the Empire Room at noon, hosted by Liz Ayers of WCNY Public Television and featuring the Yvonne Conte keynote.

The Women's Day Luncheon reservation form is on the New York State Fair website at www.nysfair.org under Your Visit: Special Fair Days or call 315-487-7711 x1265. Yvonne Conte can be reached at 315-727-8668.



Yvonne Conte

Publicist Kara Lynn Dunn

Photo: Yvonne Conte will present the keynote message at the 2014 Great New York State Fair Women's Day event August 27.