howlogo1.jpgHOWES CAVE, N.Y. -- Internationally recognized cave photographer Gary C. Berdeaux will visit Howe Caverns on Feb. 24 to photograph the underground treasures that have been seen by millions of visitors to the Northeast’s great cave. “We’re certain that Gary will give a new perspective on the ancient formations, large rooms and all there is to see in the caverns,” said Howe Caverns’ General Manager Robert Holt. Mr. Berdeaux has specialized in cave photography for 20 years. His photographic specialty is show caves, such as Howe Caverns, that are open for public enjoyment. He has photographed caves from California to Bermuda and his images have been widely published. “Once the project is completed, we will be posting these images on our website for all to enjoy,” Mr. Holt said. Mr. Berdeaux is one of five cavers who, with their spouses, purchased Diamond Caverns in Park City, Kentucky in 1999 with the desire to enhance the cave as an historic commercial attraction. Today, Diamond Caverns is the second oldest show caves in the Central Kentucky Cave Region and the fourth oldest operating commercial cave in the United States. Diamond Caverns is within the Mammoth Caver Area International Biosphere Reserve and is surrounded by Mammoth Cave National Park, a World Heritage Site.
Howe Caverns is New York State’s second most-visited natural attraction, located about 45 minutes southwest of Albany, off Exit 22 of I-88, between Albany and Cooperstown. Open daily, except Thanksgiving and Christmas days when it is closed, Howe Caverns’ winter hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.For additional information, call 518-296-8900, or visit
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