Albany, N.Y. -- The Albany Convention Center Authority (ACCA), in keeping with its mission to plan, construct and operate a new full-service convention center in downtown Albany, invites the public to witness the progress and to offer comment on the effort during an open house at their office at 386 Broadway on Thursday, Aug. 27, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. The open house will offer an opportunity to view the progress in developing the image of the new convention center. Those attending will be able to meet with the convention center's architectural team and receive updates on the overall project. According to the ACCA's Executive Director and CEO Duncan Stewart, "The timing of the open house is appropriate and will allow the important feedback to be included in the decision making process and toward the development of the rendering."  "As the new convention center will become an important part of the revitalized downtown, the continuation of public access to the convention center design team is critical to assure the best fit of a contemporary function such as the new center within the rich historic fabric of Albany's downtown," said Gavin Donohue Chair of the Board of the ACCA. The ACCA Board has made a commitment to receiving comments from interested citizens, neighbors and community leaders, and that in doing so the Albany Convention Center and its Board are better assured that the project will be compatible with the expectations of city residents. ABOUT THE ACCA The nine-member Albany Convention Center Authority was organized in 2006 as a public benefit corporation under the New York State Public Authorities Act. The authority was created to meet an immediate need to institute a comprehensive, coordinated program of convention activities in the City of Albany. The ACCA is to provide the City of Albany with the ability to develop, renovate and undertake economic development projects in the historic downtown area to optimize the economic and social activities of city and its environs. .


MEDIA CONTACT: Duncan Stewart, Executive Director Albany Convention Center Authority The R.B. Wing Building 386 Broadway, Albany, New York 12207 518.275.4920 518.275.4921 fax