adk-trail-brochure-cover-photo.jpgFonda, NY – The Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA) has just released the very first travel brochure dedicated entirely to promoting the four-county, 188-mile Adirondack Trail Scenic Byway, and every community along the special travel route. The project supports tourism and economic development by encouraging visitation at special places in cities, towns and villages along the entire Byway. The four-season travel guide will provide visitors of all ages with an invitation to discover many new attractions and the friendly people across the region as well as introduce the Byway’s easy access to nature, history, and culture. The brochure promotes something unique for visitors to stop and do in each community along the way, thus providing new visibility for those locales with limited marketing budgets. To make the touring route more desirable for new visitors, photos were carefully selected to raise awareness of the beauty of the landscape. The extensive lists of activities will also encourage extended stays and repeat visits leading to more spending at local businesses. To raise visitor awareness of Byway communities as desirable destinations, ANCA worked with local community representatives to prepare the brochure’s list of resources and things to do. The carefully designed promotional piece complements ANCA’s new Scenic Byways website which also profiles individual communities in ten counties and promotes plenty of reasons to visit and explore the various locales. ( The contents of both the brochure and website are based on current travelers’ interests such as their desire for authentic/real experiences as documented in a recent Byway Market Trend Assessment completed by ANCA in 2009. ( The brochure’s map of Routes 30 and 30/A from Malone in Franklin County, through Hamilton and Fulton Counties, to Fonda in Montgomery County will guide the visitor’s journey. To reach a broad market of potential visitors 34,000 brochures will be distributed to tourism offices, visitor centers, museums, Chambers of Commerce, and other popular tourist stops across the North Country Region. The project was made possible with funding from the New York State Department of Transportation’s Scenic Byways Program through the Federal Highway Administration and the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century. If you would like any further information on ANCA’s Scenic Byway Program please contact Sharon O’Brien at or 518-891-6200. The Scenic Byways Program does not promote for-profit operations. The program focuses on the communities, the public and non-profit activities they offer, their cultural traditions, the region’s scenery and scenic views, its outdoor recreation opportunities, and of course, the Scenic Byways that connect them all together. Copies of the Scenic Byway Travel Brochure and the Scenic Byway Road Map and Birding Guide are available at the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, 12 South Bridge Street, Fonda across from the fairgrounds. Stop in the office for your brochures and start your journey on the Scenic Byway’s gateway, Fonda. For more Montgomery County events call 518-853-1800 or log onto *** Photo Credit: The brochure cover image (attached) was provided by the Adirondack Museum showing one of the hundreds of special Byway resources. CONTACT: Gina DaBiere-Gibbs Tourism Director 518-853-1800 ext. 12