seaway-trail-guide.JPGSackets Harbor, N.Y. - In your time, at your pace, in your style - that is how the 2010 Great Lakes Seaway Trail Travel Guide invites readers to experience the freshwater shoreline of New York and Pennsylvania. With a bold new look, the full-color magazine is creating excitement about traveling the 518-mile America's Byway that includes such iconic destinations at Niagara Falls and the 1000 Islands.   The cover photos feature: ·      a little girl building a sand castle at Sandy Island Beach State Park; ·      the Flagship Niagara whose home port is Erie, PA; ·      Niagara Falls' Cave of the Winds; ·      relaxing by a campfire along Lake Ontario; and ·      a 1000 Islands boat tour.   The magazine features articles on A Taste of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail" culinary delights, how to discover geocaching on the new Great Lakes Seaway Trail GeoTrail, following the trail of 100-some Great Lakes Seaway Trail "Outdoor Storytellers;" an historical perspective on Fort de La Presentation, Fort Levis and the Battle of the Thousand Islands; and descriptions of the fabulous attractions in the five breakout segments of the byway: ·      Lake Erie ·      Buffalo/Niagara Falls ·      Central Lake Ontario and Rochester ·      Eastern Lake Ontario ·      1000 Islands and the St. Lawrence River.   The calendar of more than 110 listings includes everything from fishing derbies and wildlife festivals to art extravaganzas, food and wine tastings, tall ship visits, county fairs, and historical reenactments, including the July 3-5 French and Indian War event at Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown and the New York State Signature Event commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the French and Indian War at Ogdensburg, NY, on July 16-18.   Other features of the guide include GPS coordinates for the Great Lakes Seaway Trail "Outdoor Storyteller" interpretive signs, a map, and a directory of accommodations, restaurants, attractions and services.   The 2010 Great Lakes Seaway Trail Travel Guide is available at sites Trailwide, at the Great Lakes Seaway Trail Discovery Center in Sackets Harbor, NY.  This travel guide is published by the nonprofit Great Lakes Seaway Trail, Great Lakes Seaway Trail Discovery Center, Ray & West Main Streets, PO Box 660, Sackets Harbor, NY 13685, 315-646-1000. #   Snippets from the 2010 Great Lakes Seaway Trail Travel Guide ·       Did You Know... the Great Lakes Seaway Trail travel experience includes such architectural treasures as several Frank Lloyd Wright properties?   ·       What do walleyes, wings, and wild edibles have in common? They are just a few of the unique culinary experiences available along the 518 miles of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail - writes Sandra Scott, a travel writer based in Mexico, NY. ·       Lake Erie supports a marvelous sportfishery. Pennsylvania State Fisheries Biologist Chuck Murray says, "We are seeing anglers catching 4-5 yellow perch per hour." ·       As you motor toward the City of Buffalo, pause 30 miles southeast in East Aurora where Elbert Hubbard created the thriving American Arts & Crafts Movement community at Roycroft in 1897. The campus today offers overnight accommodations, 14 landmark buildings, and the opportunity to try coppersmithing and other crafts with talented artisans.   ·       The central segment of the byway rolls from Niagara and Orleans county's rural beauty into Rochester's metropolitan ambiance and eastward through the orchards of Wayne County. ·       Quilters love the Country Barn Quilt Trail, a 22-mile loop tour off the byway, that starts at Partyka Farms in Kendall and has more than 40 barns with hand-painted quilt block patterns. ·       Susan B. Anthony was arrested at her Rochester home-now-museum for voting. Nearby, an outdoor park sculpture shows Susan B. having tea with abolitionist Frederick Douglass. ·       "The American pastime of byway touring means leisurely taking "the scenic route" through spacious countryside and friendly villages along Eastern Lake Ontario.... Fair Haven offers camping, fishing, antiquing and golf. ·       The byways' unique WWII-connected history is well-preserved in the City of Oswego... with the Safe Haven Museum... and a WWII Normandy Invasion tugboat docked along West 1st St. Pier... ·       Geocaching is the new outdoor adventure. You may be surprised that there are so many caches along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail. If you are in Watertown, for example, you will find more than 300 caches within just 25 miles of your home or hotel! - writes Great Lakes Seaway Trail GeoTrail developer Jim "Boots" Hooper. ·       Unwind on St. Lawrence "River Time" - imagine a clock without hands. ·       The byway's leisurely pace through the 1000 Islands/St. Lawrence River section of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail carries you to marinas, resorts, campgrounds and shoreline villages. Along the way, enjoy a sip of cold-hardy grape, fruit or onion wine at River Myst, Coyote Moon and other Seaway Wine Trail vineyards. ·       As the unintended sentinel for the heartland of New France, Fort de la Presentation at Ogdensburg, NY, could not resist a European army - writes historian Michael Whittaker. Great Lakes Seaway Trail, Great Lakes Seaway Trail Discovery Center, Ray & West Main Streets, PO Box 660, Sackets Harbor, NY 13685, 315-646-1000 Contact: Teresa Mitchell 315-646-1000 Photo Caption: The 2010 Great Lakes Seaway Trail Travel Guide celebrates the 518-mile America's Byway journey along the freshwater shoreline of New York and Pennsylvania.