logo.pngWayne County's First Distillery Since Prohibition Launches Tree Vodka Williamson, N.Y. - Apple Country Spirits is proud to announce the launch of their first product: Tree Vodka at an event on August 3. The release of this product represents over two years of hard work and long hours spent to build Wayne County's first legal distillery since prohibition. The vodka is produced with apples grown on the fourth generation family farm, DeFisher Fruit Farms, here in the heart of Apple Country. It is a super-premium vodka distilled from apples, but is not apple vodka. It has a delicious, slightly sweet, distinct flavor, but does not have an apple flavor. Tree Vodka will be the first in a line of products made using the DeFisher family's farm-grown fruits. Today, many spirits are produced using grains such as wheat, rye, barley and corn -- but traditionally spirits were made using anything that had fermentable sugars. The distillery plans to use peaches, cherries, pears and raspberries from the farm for future products that include Brandies, Cordials and AppleJack -- a distilled, barrel-aged apple product made the same way as a quality whiskey. The grand opening of the Apple Country Spirits distillery and launch of Tree Vodka will take place on August 3 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. with a ribbon-cutting at 4:00 p.m. The grand opening will feature live music, tours of the facility, food and tastings of tree vodka as well as several cocktails made using Tree Vodka. Tree Vodka will be available on local liquor store shelves in the coming months, and if you do not see it, ask for it! Drink Local and remember, always drink responsibly.


About Apple Country Spirits Apple Country Spirits is a Farm Distillery in New York's largest apple growing county and the country's second largest. It was started by Dave DeFisher, the fourth generation of the DeFisher family to grow fruit in northern Wayne County. The farm's location in Williamson, NY is unique because it was the last town in New York State to prohibit the drinking of hard liquor until 2001 when prohibition was finally repealed at the local level. For more information: http://www.applecountryspirits.com 3274 Eddy Road, Williamson NY Media Contact: Collin McConville Head Distiller 518-253-2477