Monument Monsters - FIGMENT MinigolfGovernors Island to be home to a very unique 10-hole minigolf course from the start of FIGMENT NYC Weekend on June 7 & 8 through September 21, 2014

New York, N.Y. - FIGMENT NYC, a free, family-friendly participatory summer-long arts event, is pleased to announce the opening of our artist-designed 10-hole minigolf course during FIGMENT NYC Weekend on June 7th and 8th. FIGMENT will be returning to Governors Island for the 8th time, bringing together hundreds of professional artists and thousands of visitors to create art and explore art in every imaginable medium. New York's residents and visitors are invited to Governors Island to participate in a multitude of interactive art projects, unlocking their creativity and finding new inspiration. Visitors are invited to bring their own participatory art projects, too!


From June 7th through September 21, 2014, Governors Island in New York Harbor will be home to a unique, artist designed minigolf course that takes New York City itself as inspiration. Since its inception in 2008, over 100K visitors annually have enjoyed and interacted with FIGMENT NYC's minigolf course.

FIGMENT's ethos of embracing the interactive and participatory is extended to everyone via the populist medium of minigolf. Visitors to Governors Island are invited to pick up a golf club and traverse the 10 different installations, becoming participants in the artwork itself. For the 2014 course, 10 artists were asked to re-imagine what New York City is all about even as it changes and evolves. How can we move forward in a way that extends this possibility for opportunity to everyone, in which all voices can be heard? Rising to the challenge, artists have explored topics as diverse as the "bridgegate" scandal, transportation and real estate development...and our common love of all things pizza-related.

Subject to approvals and permitting, FIGMENT NYC's 2014 Summer-Long Program, including the Sculpture Garden, Artist-Designed Mini Golf Course, Ben Jones' Treehouse, and the Governor's Cup pavilion, designed by CDR Studio. The FIGMENT NYC Summer-Long Program will be free and open to the public while the island is open, from FIGMENT NYC Weekend on June 7th and 8th through September 21st. Visitors to the island can bring their own bikes aboard on the ferry or rent bikes on the island. Food vendors will be there to serve FIGMENT visitors, but packing your own picnic basket is also encouraged.

FIGMENT is a free, non-commercial, decommodified, environmentally responsible event. FIGMENT is constantly growing and continues its mission to offer inclusive and participatory art and creative culture to entire communities, removing the barriers of museum and gallery walls and entrance fees, and blurring the lines between those who create and those who enjoy art.

The following are the minigolf holes that will be included in this year's course, subject to funding, approvals and permitting:

Original Rays

by Rachel Wolther


Pizza is a microcosm of New York itself. Sure, it's made of common ingredients, but they combine to create something spectacular. It comes in any topping or style you can think of and can be adapted to suit any diet. It can be cheap or expensive, simple or extravagant, and you can get it at any hour of the day in all five boroughs. This hole is a chance to play through a classic New York pie. Golfers can choose to go the long way to the hole by putting around the toppings, or take a chance on the skill shot - putting up the soda straw ramp might land you a hole-in-one.

Crossroads of Communication

by Tad Philipp and Pam Tucker

Originally the headquarters of The New York Times, the wedge-shaped building at the corner of 42nd Street and Broadway is wrapped by an electronic news ticker and topped by the New Years Eve ball. It represents NYC's long-standing position at the crossroads of communication and technology. Covered from top to bottom with billboards just like the real thing, the minigolf version references NYC's leadership in the digital revolution and promotes fun things to do on Governors Island. Players should aim for the center of the building's base for a shot at a hole-in-one.

Monument Monsters

by Cosmo Design Factory (Julia Sedlock, Mark Rowntree & Nicholas Krause)

Just as citizens of New York give and take from the city, so do its buildings. Monumental Monsters represent the relationships New Yorkers have with the city's architecture - great beasts that both help and hinder us as we navigate its gridded streets. Of course, so much comes down to our own attitude and perspective - if we treat these beasts as friends they will reciprocate with friendly gestures.However, they may also become obstacles in your path. Either way, this hole is a great way to get to know the monsters as you squeeze through to take your next stroke. Our hope for this next stage of New York's life is that it can open its arms in more inclusive ways to all of its citizens and visitors. Monumental Monsters embodies an optimistic attitude that sets the tone for this next chapter.

City Bikes

By Gary Dolan

Biking has been popular in New York for years, but it was recently given a boost with the new bike share program. This hole looks at biking as a transportation option. So, you want to get from here to there and the subway is not an option. Do you take a car? Could be the fastest way to go, but traffic can change that in a hurry. Walk? There's not much in your way except for your fellow pedestrians, but it may take longer to get there. What about a bike? A few more obstacles than pedestrians have to face, but avoid those and it's definitely faster. And while a car could be even faster, you're more likely to get hung up in traffic. All in all biking is a pleasant way to travel - this may be the way to go.


First Amendment

by Yung Oh Le Page

As we think of New York Now and look forward to how it should be, first we need to look back to Occupy at Zuccotti Park. We can look back at how the right to peaceably assemble ultimately came to an end. We are entering a new era in the city, hopefully a new New York where we can voice our own opinions without fear of imprisonment; gather together without being attacked; be whistleblowers and not be vilified as traitors; worship as we please without being monitored. Hopefully we are entering an era in a new New York where the First Amendment still means something. In this par 4 hole, golfers will be able to Occupy Zuccotti Park once more, making their way to the General Assembly. But, they must resist the temptation to try for the second hole: an easy shot for the 1% into the Stock Exchange.

A Tale of Two Cities

by the students of Brownsville's Middle School for Art and Philosophy working with families from Battery Park City

In "putting" Brownsville on NYC's minigolf map, we salute Brooklyn's young people for their creativity, courage and determination. As we all navigate through a New York City landscape framed by skyscrapers and public housing, brownstones and row houses, concrete and grass, we persevere in our journeys past various obstacles and we are reminded that we are more alike than we are different. We all strive; we all seek the most direct path to our goal; we all revel in a hole-in-one.

Hoods and Woods

by Vanessa Khouri

New York City! A magnificent visage of towering skyscrapers, restaurants, shops, bright lights, cars, and people and more people. But, there is another element that is increasingly becoming an important part of this image:­ urban/community gardens. These little verdant oases are popping up everywhere from rooftops to vacant plots to people's own backyard or windowsill. With a spike in eating local, eating healthy, and balancing chaos with simplicity, it is no surprise that New York City Now has over 1,000 registered community gardens. On this par 4 course players will "water" this minigolf representation of a New York City community garden, putting the ball through the loosely coiled garden hose to help maintain the garden bounty.

Billion Oyster Project

by New York Harbor School

When players approach this scene, they will discover that a mischievous sea siren has caused the wreck of a small sloop on an oyster reef. Inside the boat, players will discover the role of the oyster in New York Harbor in the past, and how it will shape the future though our Billion Oyster Project. When they play the hole, the ball will travel through our oyster reef and into the hole in the boat that our sinister mermaid has caused. When players look over at the sign at our hole, they will be greeted by the logo of the Billion Oyster Project, which is a symbol of hope for the future of New York Harbor. By exploring our hole, players will learn all about how we at Harbor School are shaping the Harbor now by raising oysters in our aquaculture lab and planting oyster reefs.

Attack of King Kristy

by Campus Operandi

Leave it to a banana Republican to bring gorilla warfare into politics! King Kristy is on the loose and NYC's infrastructure is under attack! Can you make it across the George Washington Bridge before he blocks your way with a traffic cone? Sink a hole-in-one to tell that big ape to stop monkeying around in traffic and leave our city in peace!


By Rubulad

It is finally time to say goodbye to what once was, and hopefully, to what will not rear its ugly head again. It is time to move forward from the poor (to non-existent) response to emergency weather conditions, draconian policing policies, cheerleading and worship of the influx of "godsent" billionaires, and the shady, self-serving manipulation of term limits. Join us as we say "Sayonara" to our nanny mayor, Rich Uncle Moneybags. Experience, for the last time, some of the worst examples of governing: make your way through the Stop & Frisk Forrest; attempt the Double Snowbank Bankshot; work your way through the Income Disparity Dread; and shoot between the 3 legs of the Three Term Mayor.

More information is available on the FIGMENT NYC website.

FIGMENT NYC 2014 dates

Weekend event: June 7-8 / submission deadline Fri, April 25

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Summer-Long Program: Interactive Sculpture Garden, Artist-designed Minigolf Course, Governors Cup Pavilion by CDR Studio, and Ben Jones' Treehouse: June 7 through September 21

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FIGMENT is a free, annual celebration of participatory art and culture, that began on Governors Island in 2007, and has grown and spread to events in 2013 in nine cities in three countries on two continents. In New York, during the FIGMENT NYC weekend event, over 400 artists transform Governors Island into a large-scale collaborative artwork, experienced by 25,000 participants in 2013. In 2011, FIGMENT was voted "Best Art Festival" in New York by the Village Voice. FIGMENT and its projects have been profiled in The New York Times, the New Yorker, New York Magazine, Time Out New York, ABC 7, CBS Channel 2, WNBC, Thirteen, the Weather Channel, and many other publications and broadcast stations.

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