Frasier the CraneFrasier the CraneWayne County, NY - Spring is truly the awakening season, especially in Wayne County where hundreds of species of birds arrive to begin the nesting season. Many, like the hummingbirds and flycatchers arrive from South and Central America, traveling thousands of miles to reach their destination. And, their GPS's are set for Wayne County. Hot off the presses and just in time for the busy migration season, the Wayne County Office of Tourism is now offering a comprehensive guide to assist professional and amateur birders find the songsters. The nine page guide book easily fits in your pocket or camera bag, and features 10 "Best Bird Locations" in Wayne County. The back page is a map which easily directs you to each location. Some areas are directly in the Atlantic Flyway, while others are in the deep woods, where the elusive Veery Thrush hides. Bird watching is the number one hobby for outdoor lovers, and with this exciting and informative guide, you can now locate hundreds of birds in Wayne County. This unique guide was compiled by author and biologist, Susan Gateley Petersen, who has extensive experience locating birds in Wayne County. For your free guide please contact the Wayne County Office of Tourism at 800-527-6510 or email us at