bob-the-builder.jpgDutchess County, N.Y. - Mega Funworks Inc., SplashDown Beach Waterpark and HIT Entertainment have agreed to develop the first permanent Bob the Builder amusement attraction in North America. Bob's new attraction, called "Splash Works" opens at SplashDown Beach in Fishkill for the 2011 Season on Saturday, May 28, with the grand opening during Memorial Day weekend.  Splash Works, a 1,600-square-foot Bob the Builder themed spray and play area, is geared towards children ages 1-5, and contains more than 50 interactive features. Splash Works includes Bob's tool shed play structure, two slides, tipping buckets, tot bounces, dancing water, geysers and many other surprises. In addition, Bob the Builder "meets and greets" will be available daily at the park. "During the past five years, we've focused our attractions on the teen and adult market. This year, we want to ensure that something fresh and exciting is provided for our younger visitors," said Steve Turk, owner of SplashDown Beach. "It's been a great experience working with HIT Entertainment; they are professional and passionate about their brand." Rain Drop Products, based in Ashland, Ohio, is the primary water feature equipment vendor for Splash Works. They provide Splash Works' main structure pieces and in-ground spray equipment. Included in the site is Rain Drop's 'Rain Brain' computer system that allows features to respond to movements and step activators throughout the area. Christina Schneider, Mega Funworks' in-house designer and Steve Turk is working with Raindrop and HIT on all of the themed elements of the attraction. "Although we have a lot of heavy lifting in front of us, we are dedicated to opening this attraction for Memorial Day weekend," said Andrew Chafatelli, general manager of SplashDown Beach. "We are thrilled to work with SplashDown Beach to open Bob the Builder's first permanent attraction in North America," said Julie Freeland, director, live events & attractions, The Americas, HIT Entertainment. "SplashDown Beach has taken all of the colorful and fun elements from Bob the Builder and created a great splash park that we hope that kids and families will enjoy for many years to come." Splash Down Beach is located at 16 Old Route 9 West in Fishkill. Contact them at (845)897-9600 or visit For more ideas on things to do for family fun, visit


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