Docent Wanda Chomickis Turning the experience from factual to fun - without losing the facts

Buffalo, N.Y. - Recognizing the need for curricular-relevant programming in their Educational Tour Experiences, Buffalo Tours has introduced a series of Tours that engage students on multiple-levels and (according to one educator) "turn the experience from factual to fun - without losing the facts!".

In the Spring of 2014 Buffalo Tours began modifying its traditional Buffalo City Hall and Queen City Downtown Tours in order to provide more opportunities for Student Groups to interact with the history, the structures and with the Docents who lead the Tours.

"One of our biggest developments came about as a result of a Docent looking to help students look more closely at the Architecture and the design of buildings" comments Educational Tour Consultant Peter Green, "imagine 3rd and 4th graders, who often lost interest in a tour that blended Architecture and History, now busily engaged with finding figures and images that they can hold in their hand and view as part of the facade or decoration of a building".

Green credits a team of former educators and passionate historians, now part of the Buffalo Tours Docent team, for finding new ways to make local history meaningful to students. This includes the Erie Canal, Buffalo's Industrial history, the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted, Frank Lloyd Wright and numerous other features contained in the Buffalo/Niagara area.

Student Tours are offered in Spring and Fall, and private tour groups are welcomed year-round. "Our focus is Historic Preservation - our Tour program both supports our Preservation Efforts and showcases it in the magnificent sites of interest which are plentiful in Buffalo/Niagara" adds Green. We offer a daily (free) tour of Buffalo's Art-Deco City Hall, starting at noon on Mondays through Saturdays (City Hall is closed on Sundays) and in summer a daily Queen City Downtown Walking Tour that highlights Buffalo's Architectural Gems. "People from around the world are interested in Buffalo's unique Architecture, and when they walk away with a better understanding as to how this Architecture and History are preserved, they are more than interested....they are often inspired!".

Buffalo Tours is the educational program for Preservation Buffalo Niagara, an organization that provides leadership in identifying and protecting the unique architecture and historic legacy of Western New York Communities. 716-852-3300 or

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Peter Green
Educational Tour Consultant
Preservation Buffalo Niagara
(716) 852-3300