Maria SpelteriniNiagara Falls, N.Y. - The "Characters of History" program at Niagara Falls State Park is in its 5th Season and the response from visitors has never been more positive. Annie Edson Taylor (first person to go over the Falls in a barrel, in 1901) leads a team the includes Frederick Law Olmsted, Father Louis Hennepin, Nikola Tesla, Angeline Whitney, Augustus Porter and this year's sensation, Maria Spelterini.

"In 1876 Maria Spelterini travelled from Italy to Niagara Falls where she became the first (and only) woman to tightrope walk across the Niagara Gorge" shares Actor Jamie Nablo-Lama, who portrays the fiesty funambulist.

  "She made the trip on July 8, 1876 in honor of the United States Centennial, but then repeated the stunt - while wearing peach baskets on her feet on July 12.  On July 19 she crossed while wearing a blindfold, and on July 22nd she repeated the stunt - this time wearing manacles on her wrists and ankles".  Jamie Nablo-Lama is a graduate of the Niagara University Theater program and has researched the character and background of Spelterini in order to "bring the real Maria's spark and vitality" to her performance.  "The fact that she is the only woman to have ever done this is a thrill unto itself - it's fun to portray one of two women daredevils who challenged Niagara Falls (the other being Annie Edson Taylor)"

The Characters of History program operates at the NiagaraCharacters of History Falls State Park on Tuesdays from 11-4 and Saturdays from 12-5, and on special occasions. The troupe travel throughout the park, engaging guests and sharing their stories, and posing for photographs that travel to scores of Countries and almost every State. "Jamie has been a wonderful addition to the team" comments Encounter Niagara Tour Director Peter Green, who portrays Augustus Porter as part of the troupe. "She is a professional actor, well-known in our local Theater community, and she is constantly refining and developing her character. I love to watch as little girls listen intently and nod in approval when Maria celebrates the women of Niagara's history for their achievements".

Encounter Niagara provides the Characters of History to a wide range of tourism events and programs and has peformed at Amercia's most popular State Park since 2010.

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Maria Spelterini as portrayed by Jamie Nablo-Lama

Characters of History - Maria Spelterini, Frederick Law Olmsted, and Annie Edson Taylor greet guests at the Niagara Falls State Park.