lake-george-logo-jpeg.jpg Visitors love the Lake George Area in New York's Adirondacks. How do we know that? The Warren County Tourism Department surveyed people who visited the website and entered a Winter Giveaway contest which ran from November 26, 2008 through January 31, 2009. The results of this survey will assist the department in collecting marketing data that is invaluable in understanding visitor trends which will factor into ongoing marketing decisions.             The electronic survey was sent to 3,507 people who provided their email address when they entered the Winter Giveaway. As an incentive to complete the survey, five sets of miniature wooden Adirondack Chairs were offered to five random households who completed the survey. 676 people completed the survey, and of those, 207 visited the area this winter. These numbers translate into a 19.3% response rate and a remarkable 31% conversion rate.             A significant 63% percent of respondents indicated they had been to the website and 97% said they had been to the area before. Of those respondents who did not visit the Lake George Area, 58% said they did not vacation during this period, and 15% said they went to a warmer destination (Florida, Las Vegas and Mexico, for example). An overwhelming 99% said they would consider a visit to the area in the future.             Interestingly, while 30.5% of visitors stayed 2-3 nights in the Lake George Area, 20% stayed between 4-7 nights and over 13% stayed 8 or more nights! Additionally, 42% made one winter visit, 30% made two visits and 28% made over three visits!             The annual income of 41% of those completing the survey was between $81,000 and $120,000; women were primarily responsible for planning this winter getaway; and the majority of these women had some college education (2-year degree, 30%; 4-year degree, 23.5%; Graduate degree, 13%).             In terms of lodging preference, the highest percentage of visitors stayed in hotel/motel (45%). Over 39% responding to the survey spent between $101 and $150 per night on lodging.   When they were here, people visited the Lake George Area (87%), the City of Glens Falls (55%) and the Town of Bolton Landing (43%). 26% of the respondents visited the Gore Mountain Region.                   When asked to indicate the different types of activities they participated in while visiting the Lake George Area, dining was the most frequented activity (66%), followed by outlet shopping (57%), and shopping for local crafts (42%). Scenic touring was popular with just over 50% of visitors.             Outdoorsy types found plenty to see and do in the area, with winter sports (including downhill and cross-country skiing, tubing, ice skating, snowboarding, etc.) seeing a 27% activity rate, winter hiking saw a considerable 16%, and ice fishing saw 8.4%.             Some of the most telling statistics of the survey were that an overwhelming 100% of respondents who visited this winter said they would recommend the Lake George Area to family and friends and the same 100% rated their customer service experience as good to excellent. No one rated their vacation fair to poor!             The results of this survey are not entirely new to the Lake George Area, but rather serve to reinforce the marketing strategies already in place, along with the need to remain focused on customer trends.             The Lake George Area in New York's Adirondacks is an easy-to-reach, affordable vacation destination for the whole family. For free information on the Lake George Area contact the Warren County Tourism Dept at 800-365-1050 x5100 or online at



Contact: Joanne Conley Warren County Tourism Department 518.761.7653