tioga-county.JPGOwego, N.Y.-Tioga County Tourism is pleased to announce a contest that is sure to be hit with our small towns across Tioga County!  Communities, clubs, and individuals within Tioga County, New York are invited to create a video using a music soundtrack that uses a "Small Town" theme - (example - John Mellencamp's "Small Town") and then get out in their small town and show us why it is such a great small town! You can lip sync, sing, dance or just play music from a song (under 5 minutes please!) with the "Small Town" theme in mind - the rest is up to you! Each entry must be uploaded to YouTube.com and have permissions to be downloaded. Then just link the YouTube video and send it to dtwigg@spanishhill.com by midnight on September 30, 2012! Each video will be loaded onto our YouTube Channel all at once and then we will invite the public to view and vote for the videos that they like the most by clicking the "LIKE" button for that video. The top videos will be then be presented on a night to be announced in a "Sundance Festival" style event and great prizes will be awarded to the top three winners. Need help dubbing music to your video?? To learn how to add the music to your video without copyright infringement - visit: http://google.about.com/od/googleblogging/qt/audioswapqt.htm Here's an example of what Corning area did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrEKo84AlJc   Here's one from Grand Rapids, MI:  Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPjjZCO67WI   Make your small town proud and start getting the folks together today and have fun! We look forward to seeing what your small town sends us!   If you have any questions, email dtwigg@spanishhill.com or call 607-687-7440.