Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. in the Henry A. Wallace Center at the FDR Presidential Library and Home

Hyde Park, N.Y. - The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum will present a live performance of "Pete Seeger: The Storm King" with Jeff Haynes (Richie Stearns, Sara Milonovich, Sean Harkness, and Timothy Hill), an audiovisual presentation of Pete Seeger's spoken words -- in his own recorded voice -- set to live music and video. This performance is based on the audio book of the same name -- nominated for a Grammy® and named "An especially interesting and lovely experiment, [deserving] to be heard" in a starred review by Library Journal.

"Pete Seeger: The Storm King" was conceived and produced by world-renowned percussionist and producer, Jeff Haynes. Free public event; registration required. Call (845) 486-7745 to register.

Jeff Haynes, Sara Milonovich, Sean Harkness, Timothy Hill, and Richie Stearns will perform new music -- created by musicians from traditions as diverse as African Music, Blues, Bluegrass, Classical Guitar, Folk, Jazz, and Native American Music -- to accompany and interact with folk music icon Pete Seeger's voice. Their music paints an evocative aural backdrop for Seeger's most engaging stories, narratives, and poems reflecting his lifelong dedication to human rights, environmental issues, and his boundless hope for humanity -- bringing Pete Seeger's wisdom and stories to new audiences and into a new technological age.

"Pete Seeger: The Storm King" grew organically from a series of conversations between Seeger and his younger collaborator, percussionist and producer Jeff Haynes, during the recording sessions for the Grammy Award-winning Tomorrow's Children, recorded at Haynes' home studio in Beacon, New York. Seeger would arrive early for the sessions and regale Haynes with his stories, highly burnished through years of retelling and reflection. Haynes soon realized that he was witnessing the unfolding of a cultural treasure that not only needed to be recorded and preserved, but also propagated as widely as possible.

Haynes' imagination resonated intuitively with the folk icon's stories, creating a sound world that matches the panoramic sweep of Seeger's voice. As the project progressed, artists from all walks of musical life came forward to participate. "The Storm King" is full of marvelous and unexpected confluences and connections across geographical and historical time zones, as if Seeger is being answered by the vast collective unconscious from which his great repertoire was born.

Please contact Cliff Laube at (845) 486-7745 or email with questions or to register for the event.

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Contact: Cliff Laube (845) 486-7745