tioga-county.JPGOwego, N.Y. - Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday the launch of the largest state tourism campaign in decades. The Tourism Promotion Agencies representing the Finger Lakes Vacation Region applaud the investment and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Tioga  County works collaboratively with 13 other counties in the Finger Lakes to develop and execute tourism marketing programs that promote the attractions, accommodations and events for the region. In 2010, the region hired Quinn & Co., a top PR firm headquartered in Manhattan, to help gain national attention for the vacation region.  The program has resulted in a gain of 1.5 billion impressions in top-tier national media outlets over the last three years, bringing the Finger Lakes brand to millions of people throughout the US.  The increased investment at the State level will help elevate regional collaborative programs such as this one by bringing the message to even more potential visitors. "On behalf of all of the Finger Lakes Tourism Promotion Agencies, and the hundreds of attractions, accommodations and special events we represent, I am delighted to support the Governor's commitment to attract more visitors to New York State. A strong spirit of cooperation exists among the Finger Lakes TPA's, and we applaud this huge investment in statewide tourism marketing.  Combining our Finger Lakes cooperative strength with ‘I Love New York' and our industry partners from throughout the state will surely open new doors of opportunity," said Stella Reschke, Director of Tioga County Tourism.


The breathtaking Finger Lakes, takes its name from eleven lakes spanning the region like a giant handprint and boasts a great mix of trails, natural beauty and cities and villages offering treasures of history and culture. For information about attractions and events throughout the Finger Lakes region, visit  or call 1-888-408-1693. Stella Reschke, Director Tioga County Tourism stella@visittioga.com   http://www.visittioga.com/    607-687-7440