turningthepressingtray.JPGWitness fresh, sweet cider made the old-fashioned way at the Fly Creek Cider Mill as they start the press just minutes from Cooperstown, NY. Fly Creek, N.Y. - The Fly Creek Cider Mill's Boomer and Boschert press will once again come to life this Saturday September 7th maintaining an autumn tradition for 157 years in the Upstate New York hamlet of Fly Creek just minutes from Cooperstown. Known for its historically authentic machinery the Mill makes its cider in the traditional rack-and-cloth method using the power of water and an antique Waterloo Boy Engine.  Visitors can witness the entire production in the Cider Gallery overlooking the original equipment while operators demonstrate the cider-making technique and explain the process.  "For someone who hasn't experienced our Mill in operation, it can be truly memorizing to watch all the old equipment work," states Bill Michaels, co-owner of the Mill.  "We painstakingly maintain and preserve the Mill so that returning generations can share in the fascination of our authentic process."     This year's apple crop looks promising and the Mill will start pressing early ripening varieties such as Paula Red, Jonamac and Ginger Gold.  "This weekend's blend is a balance between the sweetness of the Jonamac and Ginger Gold with the acidity of the Paula Red," says Bill Michaels, co-owner of the Mill.  "Unlike boring, denatured, heat processed and preservative-laden cider found in stores ours is alive with flavors that change with the harvest.  As the season develops the color will grow darker and the flavor and aroma will become more complex." Beyond the Mill's award-winning, fresh cider there are many more flavors to experience.   Visitors can taste all kinds of gourmet specialty foods and signature items such as Apple and Corn Salsas, Mill-Aged, Extra- Sharp New York State Cheddar Cheese and Fresh Fudge.  Also available for sampling are Hard Ciders and Wines from the Mill's Farm Winery and fresh-baked pies and breads from the Bakery.  The Mill's Taste of Fly Creek Series will continue throughout the fall offering visitors a more in-depth, focused tasting of specialty foods including apple salsas, pasta sauces, dip mixes and marinades.  The Mill operates its historic press every weekend until just before Thanksgiving Day and is located just minutes from the Village of Cooperstown in Central New York State.  For a full line-up of events and to purchase the Mill's products on-line, visit their website at http://www.flycreekcidermill.com/ or call the Mill toll-free, 800-505-6455.    


CONTACT: Bill Michaels Vice President & Co-owner Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard, Inc. 607-547-9692 x111