cony.jpgFebruary 9, 2009 – Campground Owners of New York (CONY) announces the availability of its 2009 Campground & RV Park Guide. The guide is free and available by visiting and filling out the online request form, or calling CONY toll-free at (800) 497-2669. Entitled “Camping New York Style,” the 100-page guide lists the features, amenities and contact information for over 210 privately-operated campgrounds and RV parks across New York State. The guide is a handy reference tool for researching and booking just the right campsite for your next vacation. According to the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (, despite fluctuating fuel prices, RV ownership and travel is a great value. In its 2008 PFK Vacation Cost Comparison Study, ARVC determined that a family of four can save 27-to-61% on vacation costs by traveling in an RV. The PFK study includes accounting for the RV ownership costs. Even with higher fuel prices, more than three-fourths of RV owners say their RV vacations cost less than other forms of vacation. Donald G. Bennett Jr., Executive Administrator of CONY, notes that there are a variety of campgrounds and RV parks listed to suit every style and budget. “Using the CONY Guide, tenters and RVers alike will easily find something to suit their needs, whether it is a secluded grassy site by a river, or a full-hookup site with a concrete pad for their 40 foot motorhome. Readers will also find website listings and driving directions for all the campgrounds and RV parks listed, and advertisements for vacation destinations and RV service providers, too.” For vacationers that prefer not to tent and don’t own an RV, other options exist including onsite cabin and trailer rentals at many campgrounds and RV parks listed in the CONY guide. Or, look into RV rentals from local or national RV rental companies. Campground Owners of New York, founded in 1963, is an association dedicated to the promotion, growth, improvement and development of privately owned campgrounds in New York State. More information about the association and its campgrounds – including a free camping directory - is available at  

Contact:            Donald G. Bennett, Jr., Executive Administrator, Campground Owners of New York

              ; 585-586-4360 (office)

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