partners-for-albany-stories-check-presentation.JPGWill Fund Partners for Albany Stories Consortium Project Albany, N.Y. - Mark Castiglione, Acting Executive Director of the Hudson River Valley Greenway and Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area is pleased to announce the City of Albany has received a $9,000 matching grant on behalf of Partners for Albany Stories for the development of a city-wide interpretive plan. The Greenway board made the award at a recent meeting. Partners for Albany Stories (PAS) is a collaboration among historical and cultural organizations to develop a comprehensive and compelling story of Albany's rich history that deepens the public's understanding of the part Albany has taken and continues to take in the development of New York State and the nation. PAS will develop a citywide interpretive plan to tell the city's fascinating history.  At the same time, each partner will establish a better understanding of their own ‘piece' of the story and discover how best to preserve and interpret that piece in order to better serve current and future visitors.  As the themes and storyline are developed, PAS will work with consulting interpretive specialists to develop state of the art products that will better engage visitors. This process will also equip participating sites with scholarship and interpretive products that may be used well into the future. "The Partners for Albany Stories project will benefit greatly from support provided through this Hudson River Valley Greenway grant as the collective of 12 historic entities works to develop a citywide interpretive plan." said Liselle LaFrance, Director of  Historic Cherry Hill. "It is hoped that the project can be used in communities across the state, all of which are challenged by dwindling financial support despite an amazing array of historic and cultural resources." Most of the partner sites are designated ‘Heritage Sites' within the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area. Mark Castiglione, Acting Director of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area and Greenway, stated, "The Greenway, as the management entity of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, was happy to be able to help fund this innovative collaboration of historic and cultural destinations within the City of Albany.  Albany's historic sites are the places where the city's story was written and its strong cultural destinations greatly contribute to the vibrancy of the City today. We hope that the lessons learned in Albany resonate with the collaborative approach of the National Heritage Area and expand throughout our entire network of one hundred Heritage Sites throughout the Hudson Valley." The Hudson River Valley Greenway is an innovative New York State organization established by the Greenway Act of 1991.  The Greenway is designed to encourage Hudson River Valley communities to develop projects and initiatives related to the criteria of natural and cultural resource protection, regional and local planning, economic development, public access to the Hudson River (as well as other regional and local resources), and heritage and environmental education.  It provides technical assistance and small grants for planning, capital projects, and water trail and land-based trails that reinforce the Greenway Criteria. The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area program was established by Congress in 1996 and is funded, in part, through the National Park Service and Department of the Interior. The mission of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area is to recognize, preserve, protect and interpret the nationally significant cultural and natural resources of the Hudson River Valley for the benefit of the Nation.  The Hudson River Valley Greenway is the management entity for the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area.


Photo credit: L-R Mark Castiglione, Liselle LaFrance, Historic Albany Foundation Executive Director Susan Holland, and Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center Director of Operations Kathy Quandt Visit for more information on the Greenway Visit for more information on the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area Contact: Mark Castiglione (518) 473-3835