greenway2.JPGAlbany, N.Y. - The Hudson River Valley Greenway Land and Water Trail have been nominated for the 2011 Heart of Green Awards at The Daily Green!  The Greenway Trail is nominated along with six trails from across the country in the "best new trails" category.  Acting Executive Director of the Hudson River Valley Greenway, Mark Castiglione, said, "It's well deserved recognition for this truly grassroots project to create regional trail connections, on both land and water, and improve public access to the Hudson River and its surrounding landscape.  While the Greenway has been the shepherd of these ideas for many years, it is the commitment of our many partners to creating the trail that has made the trail system what it is today.  This nomination is well-deserved recognition for the various state agencies, local and county governments, and numerous not for profit partners throughout the valley that have worked to advance the shared goal of the Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail."  Visit: to vote for the Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail. Voting ends March 27th Dan McLaughlin from the Highland Landing Park Association and Walkway Over the Hudson said, "One of New York State's many hidden treasures, the Hudson River Greenway Water Trail, can be easily accessed at nearly 100 public access points.  Access was once only available at a very few poorly maintained sites. The state has helped to avail the rivers beauty to all its visitors. Whether it's urban or rural the Hudson River Greenway Water Trail's 256 mile length has it all.  A perfect water trail that provides single or multi-day adventures for all skill levels.  It's hard to compare it to any other water trail." Claire R. Costantino, President of the Hudson Valley Rail Trail Association said, "The Hudson Valley Rail Trail Association is proud to say that in 2010 we added a 1.3 mile section to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail linking us with Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park creating four miles of trail in the Hudson River Greenway Trail System.  We have been part of the Hudson River Greenway Trail System since 1997 when the Hudson River Valley Greenway assisted us with planning and developing our trail.  Their assistance brought credibility to our idea of creating a trail on the abandoned New York, New Haven and Hartford Line. We are grateful for their support and encouragement over the years." Ruth Elwell, President of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Association, said, "The 12.2 mile Wallkill Valley Rail Trail in Gardiner and New Paltz in Ulster County was recognized as part of the Greenway Trail System in 2001. Our trail is now in the process of extending north through the towns of Rosendale and Ulster, doubling its length. One of the Greenway's most important efforts is supporting connections between the segments making up the land trail system.  This year the Greenway is helping develop a plan to link our trail with the Hudson Valley Rail Trail to the east, and on the Walkway over the Hudson. Thanks to the Greenway's vision of a regional trail system, when our northern extension is completed there will be a continuous trail going all the way from Kingston to Poughkeepsie." With the 2011 Heart of Green Awards, The Daily Green has identified noteworthy people, organizations, places, brands and companies in 18 categories, from sustainable fashion and natural beauty products, to the greenest colleges and greenest celebrities. Each nominee is not only a leader in taking green to the mainstream, but has made significant contributions or hit significant milestones in the last year. The Greenway Trail is nominated in the "best new trails" category. For more information on the 2011 Heart of Green Awards click . The mission of The Daily Green is to help "going green" go mainstream, and each year the Heart of Green Awards recognize those who are furthering the cause of bringing "real green to real people." The Greenway Conservancy for the Hudson River Valley is a public benefit corporation established by the Greenway Act of 1991 to continue New York State's commitment to the preservation, enhancement and development of the world-renowned scenic, natural, historic, cultural and recreational resources of the Hudson River Valley, while continuing to emphasize appropriate economic development activities and remaining consistent with the tradition of municipal home rule.  One of the Conservancy's primary objectives is to establish a Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail System that links cultural and historic sites, parks, open spaces and community centers, and provides public access to the Hudson River. Visit for more information about the Greenway and its programs. For Greenway Trails: Visit for more information on the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area.


Contact: Mark Castiglione (518) 473-3835