haitian-heroes.JPGNew York, N.Y. - "Haitian Heroes" is the title of a large-scale photo exhibition showing in New York from 30 May to 02 June 2013. The focal point of the exhibition is the future of Haiti - Haiti's children. Through a series of keen photographs and touching life stories collected during a field trip to Haiti, 12 of Haiti's children exhibit their hopes, dreams, and goals - displaying the strength and zest for life that lies within them. At the heart of the Haitian Heroes Project lies the "Power of Potential". Potential that rests deep within those who can ultimately change the future of an entire country: the children of Haiti. Children that are nothing short of being Heroes. Not typical Heroes. Not the glorious ones we know. Not the ones in shining armor. But children that have turned into everyday Heroes, because they fight against all odds imaginable to follow a dream - or to just make it through the day. The Haitian Heroes Project tells their stories. It pays tribute to their pride. It aspires to earn them the respect they deserve. It portrays children with amazing potential for the world to see - and to invest in. A well-known quote says, "Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with." The Haitian Heroes Project may not change their entire world over night. But it can contribute to helping them choose their path and write the next chapter of their story. And that is how changing the world begins. All funds raised will be used to help construct a new school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti so we can provide more education to more potential Haitian Heroes.


Date of the Haitian Heroes exhibition: Thursday, May 30 - Sunday, June 02 Location of the Haitian Heroes exhibition: 25CPW Gallery 25 Central Park West (at 62nd St) New York, NY 11231 www.25cpw.org Links: www.haitianheroes.org www.facebok.com/haitianheroesorg http://haitianheroes.org/?page_id=35 For further information, image requests or invitations to the opening event on May 30, please contact: Dominik Prinz Chairman M: 646.334.8791 dom@haitianheroes.org