Hamilton County - COVID 19 Signage ProjectHamilton County, N.Y. –Hamilton County Public Health and Nursing Services, Blue Mountain Center and the Town of Long Lake collaborated to help create information signage to be distributed throughout Hamilton County.

Hamilton County continues to see the lowest Covid-19 infection rate in New York State and the North Country region. The signage collaboration was created as an educational campaign for residents and visitors. Hamilton County communities are committed to the safety of everyone while strategically re-opening local businesses. The signs encourage guests to practice physical distancing and mask wearing to help businesses stay open.

Signage was distributed to all Hamilton County towns and hamlets. This education effort is designed to show cohesive messaging throughout the county to complement the Politely Adirondack animal themed social distancing campaign created by ROOST.

Funding for the signage was provided by the Blue Mountain Center via a SUN Fund Grant administrated through the Adirondack Foundation designated for the Hamilton Helps program. Additional funding was provided by the Hamilton County Public Nursing & Health Department as administrated by Dr. Erica Mahoney with the support of Chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors, William Farber. The blue and white signs were designed by the Town of Long Lake Parks and Recreation department with distribution by Sawyer Cresap via the Blue Mountain Center.

In addition to signage, Hamilton County Public Nursing and Department of Emergency Services have distributed hand sanitizer stations throughout all Hamilton County communities.



Alexandra Roalsvig

Director Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department

Town of Long Lake PO Box 496, Long Lake, NY 12847