hht-home-page.jpgGenesee County, N.Y. - Who would have guessed New York State was so haunted? Genesee County, in collaboration with 12 other NYS counties, has created the "Haunted History Trail of New York State," based on spooky happenings and hauntings at locations spanning the entire state. New York State is not just a place to play, it's a place that can play to your fears and make you question your belief in ghosts. A new website, brochure, and audio tour component of the trail explores ghostly visitations in New York State. The Trail offers family-friendly fun, in addition to bone-chilling experiences for those who are looking for a paranormal encounter. It is divided into "Explore by Region" and "Explore by Experience."  If you know where you want to visit, look for a ghostly opportunity near your location, whether it's Greater Niagara or the Hudson Valley.  Or select your ghostly adventure by the kind of experience you prefer.  Would you like to actively hunt for ghosts in the dark with nothing but your equipment? Or would you rather have a guide regale you with unexplained phenomena?  Here are your choices, by category, on the trail:
  • - Ghost Hunts
  • - Ghost Tours
  • - Haunted Hotel Packages
  • - UFO Sightings
  • - Just Plain Creepy
Visit http://www.hauntedhistorytrail.com/ to find everything spooky New York has to offer - including more information on locations, events and prices. Follow the trail - if you dare.                                                                                     ### Contact: Kelly Rapone, Tourism Marketing Director Genesee County NY 585-343-7440 ext. 23 krapone@geneseeny.com