tioga-county.JPGOwego, N.Y. - Two opportunities are available for you to experience a little fun when you're in downtown Owego! First, I Spy with my Little Eye ... Owego!  Have you noticed the unique architecture of the buildings in Owego?  Do you walk the streets of Owego often?  If so, have you noticed the not so obvious beauty of it?  Take a closer look at the superb historical beauty of this brilliant town by taking part in the fun and adventurous Historic Owego I-Spy Game.  In this free booklet, there are three different routes, all starting at the Visitor's Center on North Avenue.  Each route includes 11-12 clues and photos of architecture that can be found on buildings downtown.  When you're done, the clues uncover a message.  If you are successful, stop back into the Visitor's Center to claim your small prize!  Don't be shy, come out to play I-Spy!  Stop by the Tioga County Visitor's Center located at 80 North Avenue to pick up the I-Spy booklet and begin the game.  You can also download the booklet online at http://www.visittioga.com/Cool-Stuff/bus-a-walking-tours.html Center is open Monday-Friday, 9-5, and on Saturdays after Memorial Day. You can play this free game whenever you please. Second, technology and history go hand in hand.  If you are interested in learning more about Historic Owego and the fantastic architecture of its historic Front Street homes, take part in the free self-guided Owego Walking Tour with a personal tour guide... through your very own cell phone!  Dial 607-354-4080 to learn about this fascinating town.  The tour begins at the Court Street Bridge.  Or go to www.myoncell.mobi/16073544080. There are 52 homes on the tour, but you can stop and go along the routes as long as you want.  Each tour will vary depending on how long you take at the different stops. Once again, stop into Tioga County Visitor's Center to pick up the Walking Tour pamphlet or the I-Spy booklet.  Feel free to call us at 607-687-7440 if you'd like it mailed to you.  Go to www.visittioga.com to find out what else we have to offer.  Expand your knowledge and have a little fun in downtown Owego.  Walk on!