Bear Mountain Bridge view from Ft. MontgomeryBirds eye vantage points for seeing glorious fall foliage in Orange County. Orange County, N.Y. - Autumn leaves are at their height of color in more ways than one at Orange County's scenic aeries. Miles of brilliant foliage unfold before you through the vibrant hills and valleys of the Hudson Valley. There's no need to book a flight, Orange County has places that will give you expansive vistas ranging from copper to scarlet and every other pumpkin season color you can think of. Share your view with raptors soaring the tri-state area at Elks-Brox Park in Port Jervis. Drive up the switchbacks to this mountaintop area and gaze down at the Delaware River where New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey meet. It's a stunning scene awash with color. The entrance is located along the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway (Route 97), where you can pull over to catch the long expanses of the river from the overlooks. Parking areas on Route 84 across the valley from Elks-Brox give you the same autumnal view, but with a northern exposure. Speaking of exposures, bring your camera along the Appalachian Trail south from the top of Mount Peter. After a gentle hike of about an hour, all nine miles of Greenwood Lake stretch out at your feet. Take a picnic and drink in the breathtaking sight of Orange County's largest lake from the rock outcropping. An even larger pile of boulders looming over the Hudson River gave our ancestors a wide view to sound the alarm if British ships appeared on the waves. Over 200 years later, the United States Military Academy at West Point sits commandingly above the Hudson unfazed by the cruise boats and cargo ships that ply the waters beneath it. A tour of the academy takes you to Trophy Point, the most beautiful view of the Hudson Highlands ever. While you're there, stop by Zulu Time Lounge at the Thayer Hotel, the rooftop patio bar overlooking the Hudson River. As evening approaches, the colorful tapestry gives way to muted tones; lights come up across the river, and the moving water traffic casts its own glow. Just south, another promontory provided the same protection for the Patriots during the Revolutionary War. The marvelously interpreted battlefield at Fort Montgomery has winding paths high above the river's edge where the Bear Mountain Bridge and its backdrop of surrounding colorful mountains provide an excellent photo opportunity. A northerly view of the same scene can be found after a delightful stroll through the Bear Mountain Trailside Museums and Zoo. Talk to the animals, and glory in the spectacular view of the Hudson River from the scenic overlooks. Above the zoo, it's a short ride to Perkins Memorial Tower where the Hudson Valley spreads out before you. The colors just pop from the trees, showing off their delicious peach, pumpkin, apple, and wine hues. Breathtaking. Get a whole different high this autumn at Orange County's top spots. It's a wide angle lens on Mother Nature's fall finery before she dresses in winter white.  Attractions, lodging, and events can be found at For a free copy of the Orange County Travel Guide, email or call 800-762-8687. Orange County Tourism is headquarters for tourism in the county and is part of the I LOVE NEW YORK program. RESOURCES Elks-Brox Park, Port Jervis. 845-856-6694,      Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, Route 97. 866-511-8372, Appalachian Trail. West Point Tours, West Point. 845-446-4724,         Zulu Time Lounge, Thayer Hotel, West Point. 845-446-4731,            Fort Montgomery, Route 9W. 845-446-2134,    Bear Mountain Trailside Museums and Zoo, Bear Mountain State Park. 845-786-2701, ext. 242,            Perkins Memorial Tower, Bear Mountain State Park. 845-786-2701, ext. 242,


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