hobart-5th-year.jpgHobart, N.Y. - Beginning Saturday March 27th and running through Sunday April 18th the Hobart Book Village will offer a "Spring Fever Book Sale" discounting books on Spring and pleasant outdoor subjects such as gardening, bird watching, home improvement, nature, camping, hiking, travel, fashion, agriculture, etc.  These books will be available at 20% off their regular prices over the four week period. After a long Winter which followed a previously long rainy Summer and Fall the anticipation for a  more enjoyable Spring is on the minds of many and the Book Sale presents a great opportunity to move in that direction. The bookshops are located on Main Street in Hobart and are open Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm. Along with the purchase of books, a limited supply of seeds, edible flowers, and if obtainable, wild leeks (ramps) are scheduled to be on hand to those on a "first come, first serve" basis. Visitors to the Book Village in need of some "spring tonic" are also invited to join the bookshop owners at the close of business on Saturdays at the newly opened tavern inside the Hobart Inn on Main Street for a cash bar happy hour from 5 to 6 pm. It will be a chance to chat about and see first hand the exciting changes that will be taking place in Hobart in the upcoming months. At the conclusion of the four week sale on Sunday, April 18th, Deirdre Larkin, Horticulturist for The New York Metropolitan Museum's Cloisters will speak on "The Medieval Calendar Year: Labors of the Month" which will enlighten any avid gardener or floral enthusiast.  The lecture will be held at the Adams' Antiquarian Book Shop on Main Street at 3 pm. Johnny Appleseed, Mother Nature and the Bluebird of Happiness will unfortunately not be able to attend due to prior commitments globally, but word on the street is that Jack Frost will most certainly NOT be invited no matter who he says he knows.  Those who are truly suffering from Spring Fever are advised to rest in bed, drink plenty of fluids and have someone else come to the Book Village to get those inspiring books. Details at http://www.hobartbookvillage.com/