Korn's CampgroundsPublic invited; tournament to honor the late Joan Smith, seasonal camper

Middletown, N.Y. - Korn's Campgrounds, located at 60 Meyer Road in Middletown, invites players to register for its 5th and final annual Korn's Horseshoe Tournament, to be held Friday August 1st and Saturday, August 2nd, at the campground.

This year's horseshoe tournament is being held in honor of Maybrook, NY resident Joan Smith, a seasonal camper at Korn's Campgrounds, who passed away this past fall

from Vulvar cancer. Joan, cousin of tournament organizer Patrick R. Dineen, competed in past horseshoe tournaments at the campground, and was also a leader in her community, supporting the local little league and playing on the volleyball team.

The tournament will also honor Joyce Korn, co-owner with husband Mike of Korn's Campground. Joyce is currently being treated for ovarian cancer, but standing strong and doing well.

According to Patrick R. Dineen, The custom-made tournament trophy typically features two horseshoes, one colored yellow and one colored blue. Said Mr. Dineen, "This year we will be changing the colors of those horseshoes to light purple and teal. The light purple will be in honor of Joan Smith, the teal will be in honor of Mrs. Korn."

The trophy has all past champions names inscribed on a gold plate. It is called the "Sosa Trophy," after its creator and Korn's Campgrounds seasonal camper Tony Sosa, a talented woodworker.

"If it were not for all the supporting campers, this horseshoe tournament would not have gotten to be such a great event," said Dineen. "It brings a campground and a community together, and this year it is for a bigger cause, as we'll be donating the proceeds to Montgomery Food Pantry as requested by Joan Smith in her obituary. We will also be donating proceeds to the American Cancer Society."

The Korn's Horseshoe Tournament started in 2010, and has been a big hit with campers and guests. This will be the final year that Mr. Dineen is organizing the horseshoe tournament, with his pending move out of the area. The future of the tournament has not been determined.

Tournament sign-ups began May 10th and are ongoing through August 1st. Seasonal campers, weekend campers, and visitors may play. Tournament rules and sign-up information, including sponsorship opportunities, can be found at www.kornscampgrounds.com/5th-annual-horseshoe-tournament.html. Registration fee is $25 per person. Contact the campground at (845) 386-3433 or Patrick R. Dineen at prdineen@gmail.com and (845) 674-2887 for more details.

Korn's Campgrounds was established in 1972 by owners Mike and Joyce Korn. It features 91 sites on 69 acres adjacent to the Shawangunk Kill River.


Photo: The Sosa Trophy, presented to the winners of the annual Korn's Horseshoe Tournament. This year the two horseshoes will be colored in light purple and teal, to honor two ladies stricken by cancer. Photo by Patrick R. Dineen.


Patrick R. Dineen, Tournament Director
Korn's Campgrounds, 60 Meyer Road, Middletown, NY
(845) 674-2887 (Patrick), (845) 386-3433 (campground), prdineen@gmail.com