Waterways of WarWaterways of War: The Turning Point of the American Revolution

Crown Point, N.Y. – Lakes to Locks Passage has completed the third in the series of Waterways of War guidebooks. Waterways of War: The Turning Point of the American Revolution focuses on the 1777 northern campaign of British General John Burgoyne. The book is also the centerpiece of a broader initiative to develop the Turning Point Trail, a narrated driving tour from Plattsburgh to Albany.

The Waterways of War trilogy directs visitors to explore the forts, battlefields, historic sites, and museums of three influential wars in the region: The French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812.  All three fought over control of the water. Controlling the strategic triangle of connecting waterways meant control of North America. The St. Lawrence and the Mohawk rivers provided access to the heart of the continent from the Atlantic Ocean. The Hudson River-Lake George-Lake Champlain waterway linked the principal French and British trading centers—Montreal and Quebec—with Albany and New York City.  

 All the Waterways of War guidebooks are available as a free PDF download or hard copy purchase.  Waterways of War: The Turning Point of the American Revolution, a 56-page, full-color book, is available for $15 plus shipping or $8 wholesale. A packaged set of the trilogy can also be purchased. For ordering information, request an order form or go to http://bit.ly/wowbook3. For a full list of books and videos available, visit http://bit.ly/LTLbooks. (Or visit www.lakestolocks.org and click on “About-Guidebooks and Videos.”)

This project was funded by the American Battlefield Protection Program.


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