What: An innovative effort to connect brides and grooms to local businesses

Who: Engaged couples along with wedding venues and vendors

When: April 29th, 2012

Where: Eight of Central NY's best wedding reception venues

Why: An easy way for engaged couples to visit and compare locations to have their wedding

Madison County, N.Y. - The most important decision an engaged couple makes in their wedding plans is picking a date.  The second decision that comes along is the venue.  Until a reception date and venue are picked, all of the other pieces are hard to put in place.  In an effort to make that process simpler for brides and grooms, Madison County Tourism is hosting a day long limo tour of eight unique wedding venues on April 29th.


Brides and grooms pick up their limos in Cazenovia or Oneida and are transported in style to compare and contrast the offerings of various wedding venues.  The limos will make stops at the Brae Loch Inn and Lincklaen House in Cazenovia, the Hamilton Inn, Colgate Inn, and the Appley Center and Grove at White Eagle Conference Center in Hamilton, as well as the Greystone Castle in Canastota and the Oneida Community Mansion House in Oneida.


The idea came out of Madison County Tourism's experience at wedding shows, when brides would comment that they knew there were a lot of great locations in Central NY, they just didn't know how they would find time to see them all.  Jim Walter, executive director for the agency said, "We decided to try and take the hassle out of it for brides and grooms.  We will do the driving, they can sit back enjoy a glass of Owera wine, or Sparking Harvest Moon Hard Cider and see these eight incredible locations in one day." 


The effort is part of a larger strategy to increase wedding business in the county.  According to Walter when a wedding is held in the county it is an economic shot in the arm, "Not only does the reception site benefit, but hotels sell their rooms, florists, photographers, disc jockeys, cake bakers all benefit."  Additionally out of town wedding guests spend time in local shops, at attractions and in local eateries.  "Weddings are big business in Madison County, we have historic venues, some of the best scenery in the state and we are centrally located," Walter said. 


The cost for a couple to participate is $49, which is less than a tank of gas that would be used visiting these venues on their own.  Seats on the tour are very limited, but brides and grooms can sign up by contacting Madison County Tourism at 800-684-7320, or by visiting www.madisontourism.com/weddings.




Media Note: Access to any or all of the venues is easily arranged and Madison County Tourism is happy to help make this story work for you.


Contact: Jim Walter (315) 684-7320 or 315-427-5619                                                                                                                                 jimwalter@madisontourism.com