centurion-cycling.JPGEllicottville, N.Y. - The Centurion Cycling event series is coming to Ellicottville! Set for the weekend of August 17-19, Centurion Cycling is bringing its new brand of cycling event to the region.  Combining the buzz of a big-city marathon with the epic feel of riding in a stage of a pro cycling event, Centurion Ellicottville is for all ability levels including racers who want to race, riders who'd prefer to ride, and charity groups looking for a great way to raise funds. Events include the C100, C50, C25, Individual Time Trial, Elite Team Time Trial and a Kid's Ride. Plus, Friday night is bike movie night. What:  Join us for a kick-off event to learn more about Centurion Ellicottville, and to hear from Centurion Cycling and local representatives about what the event could mean for the area. When:  Wednesday, March 14 at 10:00 a.m. Where:  Champagne Sundeck at Yodeler Lodge, Holiday ValleyResort, Ellicottville. Speakers:
  • Ellicottville Mayor Charlie Coolidge
  • Brian McFadden, Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce
  • Dennis Eshbaugh,HolidayValleyResort
  • Tim Hyland, Centurion Cycling
Media Contacts: Centurion Cycling:  Krista Flanagan, krista@CenturionCycling.com608-712-2769;http://www.centurioncycling.com/ Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce: Brian McFadden, brian@ellicottvilleny.com800-349-9099http://www.ellicottvilleny.com/. Holiday Valley: Jane Eshbaugh, jeshbaugh@holidayvalley.com;716-699-3904http://www.holidayvalley.com/.

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