montgomery-county-chamber-of-commerce.jpgFonda, NY - As the Tourism Promotion Agency for Montgomery County, the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce is now accepting applications from area businesses that are interested in cooperative advertising made possible through the Matching Funds Program. The I Love New York Matching Funds Program is offered to attractions and tourism related businesses who wish to promote tourist activities in our county. Cooperative advertising is being offered for the upcoming tourism season, which runs from January 2010 through December 2010.  The partnerships will be based on the state Matching Funds program to promote county and regional tourism administered through the New York State Department of Economic Development.  Cooperative advertising applicants must offer a reasonable dollar-per-dollar (50-50) match of promotional funds and the attraction, special event or venue must be of sufficient countywide or regional interest and not of limited attendance or benefit to the public.  For example, to advertise a destination event which creates tourism in our region that will attract out-of-town visitors to spend the night, there is a current budget through your organization of $1,000.00.  If your destination event is accepted and meets program guidelines, the I Love NY Matching Funds program would contribute an additional $1,000.00, for a total advertising budget of $2,000.00. "The amount of money you wish to utilize is at your discretion, $1,000.00 is only an example," states Tourism Director, Gina DaBiere-Gibbs.  The events must meet the criteria of the Matching Funds Guidelines, promoting tourism in Montgomery County.  However, the funds may only be used to advertise outside of Montgomery County for the particular event. All advertising including print ads, radio, billboards, and any other advertising media must include The Chamber logo and the I Love NY logo, and be submitted to The Chamber for approval prior to running.  The advertising must contain one third generic county information and draw attention to The Chamber's tourism website and/or phone number for further information. "Specific requirements must be met for your project to be approved.  Your advertising must fit with the overall Montgomery County Tourism marketing plan.  A "donut" template will be supplied and must be used in your advertising as outlined in the Guidelines," adds DaBiere-Gibbs.  "Thematic projects are encouraged.  Ideally, if approved, a single attraction, business, or event should be coupled with other tourism opportunities in the area (e.g. accommodations, restaurants, shopping) to drive incremental business and encourage longer stays." If you are interested in partnering under this program, or would like more information about the Matching Funds Program, please contact Gina DaBiere-Gibbs, Tourism Director at (518) 853-1800 ext. 12 or  Applying to be a Matching Partner does not guarantee acceptance.


Gina DaBiere-Gibbs Tourism Director 518-853-1800 ext. 12