birdbooksdonated4in72.jpgGreat Lakes Seaway Trail - Learning about New York's natural environment is being enhanced in 182 school districts in the state by the donation of 2 resource guides published by the Seaway Trail Foundation. The non-profit tourism organization develops and promotes educational resources highlighting the natural, cultural, scenic and historic resources found along the 518-mile Great Lakes Seaway Trail National Scenic Byway. The byway spans 11 counties along the NY-PA freshwater shoreline of Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River. Rochester City School District Instructional Director of School Library System and Media Services Colleen D. Sadowski says, "One of the high school librarians was ecstatic when she received the books. She had a class doing research on birds and the Seaway Trail guidebooks arrived at a perfect time!"   Rochester City School District Executive Director of Social Studies Dr. Jennifer Gkourlias says, "These books have been delivered to our school libraries and I would like to personally thank the Seaway Trail Foundation for sending these valuable resources to our schools." "This Great Lakes Seaway Trail-based ‘Tourism-in-Education' outreach inspires interest in ‘homegrown' learning opportunities found in the fabulous natural, historic and cultural resources right here in our own byway backyard," says Great Lakes Seaway Trail Foundation Executive Director Teresa Mitchell.   The flora, fauna and birds of the byway's forests, fields, wetlands and beaches are described and illustrated in the 176-page Seaway Trail Wildguide to Natural History by Dr. Donald D. Cox, SUNY Oswego emeritus professor of biology. The guide details the habitat types and identifies 127 sites of natural interest, including State Parks, botanical gardens, zoos, nature centers, and walking, bicycling, canoe & winter sports trails.   More than one-third of the Audubon-designated Important Bird Areas in NY and PA are in the Great Lakes Seaway Trail region. Professional ornithologist Gerald A. Smith authored the 196-page Birding the Great Lakes Seaway Trail field guide. Noted regional birders Willie D'Anna of Western New York, Jerry McWilliams of the Presque Isle, PA, area; and David Semple of Fairport, NY, contributed chapters. Wildlife artist Robert McNamara illustrated the guide with artwork, maps and bird species calendars.   In 2009, the Seaway Trail Foundation distributed 10,000 door-size, fact-filled Great Lakes Seaway Trail Maritime Heritage posters to schools across the byway's 11-county region. The poster met educational standards for grades 4-7. Learn more about the Great Lakes Seaway Trail online at Interview:
  • Great Lakes Seaway Trail Foundation Exec. Dir. Teresa Mitchell, 315-646-1000 x202
•  Rochester CSD Exec. Dire. of Social Studies Dr. Jennifer Gkourlias, 585-262-8470Great Lakes Seaway Trail Publicist Kara Lynn Dunn, 315-465-7578