easter-egg-presidents.jpgSchoharie, N.Y. -- Welcome to a world filled with fantasy and fun and eggs of every description -- some 5,000 in all. It's the Easter Egg Exhibit in Schoharie and for the first time since 2004, the unique exhibit will open to the public in April 2014. The one-of-a-kind exhibit is on property adjacent to the historic 1785 Colonel Peter Vroman house at 112 Covered Bridge Lane, just off Route 30. The exhibit will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the weekends of April 4-6, 11-13 and 18-20 and for groups by special appointment during the week. On Easter Sunday (April 20), hours will be from Noon to 5 p.m. All proceeds from the 2014 opening will benefit the Schoharie Free Library that is still rebuilding after Hurricane Irene's devastation in 2011. Suggested donation is $10 per family or $5 per person. The exhibit is now the property of Joseph and Berna Heyman. "We decided to open the exhibit this year as a tribute to Mildred Vrooman who with her friend, Elizabeth Warner, created and cared for the exhibit for decades," said Joseph Heyman. "Our decision to reopen it this year is to provide an opportunity to share the collection with the community and new generations," said Berna Heyman.   The home and the exhibit once belonged to Mildred Vrooman who passed away at age 103 in 2012. The property for the exhibit was recently sold to the Heymans. Miss Vrooman based the Easter Egg Exhibit on the book, The Egg Tree, by Katherine Milhous. Work on the exhibit began in 1953 with the eggs designed by Miss Vrooman and her friend, Mrs. Warner.  In 1964 -- more than 50 years ago -- the hand-made creations were expanded to include scenes as well as an Egg tree hanging in the Mary Beatrice Cushing Memorial Library. When Miss Warner passed, Miss Vrooman -- then in her 90s --decided to put a building on her home's property to house the exhibit. The exhibit grew to about 5,000 unique eggs that Miss Vrooman and Mrs. Warner spent a lifetime creating. Each year, the museum welcomed thousands of visitors. The exhibit has been closed since before Miss Vrooman's death. The exhibit includes scenes such as a Winter Whimsey with fashionable eggs decked out in furs and a Viennese Ballet with tiny dancers performing in their elaborately decorated shells. These elaborate egg scenes feature backdrops, along with accessories using costume jewelry, fur, shell, ribbons and lace. The painted faces of the egg people demonstrate artistic talent and often a sense of humor. Countless eggs are decorated to be everything from folk-art paintings to jeweled egg boxes. To make reservations or for further information, please contact schoharie.easteregg@gmail.com.  A book on the exhibit, authored and photographed by the Heymans entitled, The Mildred Vrooman Easter Egg Collection, is also available for $20 to benefit the rebuilding of the Schoharie Free Library.