1000-islands-regional-dock.JPGSeaway tugs Robinson Bay and Performance will return channel markers to the river

Clayton, N.Y. - The Thousand Islands Regional Dock Committee announced today the return of tugboats Robinson Bay and Performance.

The Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation's tugboats are expected to dock in Clayton on Thursday afternoon and remain in the region over the next several days as they work to return channel markers to the river. Both vessels have been a common sight at the Thousand Islands Regional Dock in early spring and winter as the crews tend to the markers. In addition, the tugs were on hand, by coincidence, last June during the arrival of tall ship Lynx.  "The Seaway and Village of Clayton have a wonderful ongoing partnership that allows these vessels to utilize the Thousand Islands Regional Dock whenever they are in the region," said Clayton Mayor Norma Zimmer. "The crew aboard the tugs are always happy to arrive in Clayton and we are always happy to have them." The 54th navigation season of the St. Lawrence Seaway officially kicked off on Thursday morning at 8 a.m. Clayton has become a destination for large vessels after work done by Aubertine & Currier (Watertown, NY) and M.A. Bongiovanni (Syracuse, NY) in 2006, which helped to strengthen the integrity of the dock space. Multiple yachts, tall ships and tugboats have landed dockside over the years, including recent visits by Battered Bull (171-foot yacht), Lynx (122-foot tall ship) and Commodore Straits (a 140-foot ocean-going tugboat). The Thousand Islands Regional Dock is conveniently located at Frink Park along Riverside Drive in downtown Clayton. For more information on the Thousand Islands Regional Dock, contact the Village of Clayton at 686-5552 or visit http://www.villageofclayton.org/.