syracuse-cvb.jpgSyracuse, NY - Add a little hocus pocus to your "ho ho ho!" and kick the holiday season off right with the 8th Annual Holiday Magic in the Square in downtown Clinton Square THIS weekend, November 27. "Twinkle, twinkle, little...lights?" The luminosity of the stars has nothing on that of Lights on the Lake at Onondaga Lake Park, going on now until January 10. Family traditions are made of warm and fuzzy events like these - so pile everyone in the car, fill a few thermoses of hot chocolate and get ready for life-size lit-up versions of your favorite holiday characters and dazzling displays lakeside! We hope you won't need to be visited and reminded by three ghosts to come see Dickens Christmas in Skaneateles, November 28 through December 20. (And be warned, we have some we could call if we sense a "bah humbug" vibe.) Rejoice in the holiday season with the jovial cast of Charles Dickens characters and hop aboard a horse and carriage ride through town while checking off your gift list and savoring a roasted chestnut or three. (Trust us, they're that good!) What's the best way to stay warm outside when the snow is falling? (And don't say "stay inside," smartie pants.) Outdoor physical activities! Did you know that Syracuse is the proud recipient of the past five consecutive Golden Snowball Awards, beating other Upstate NY cities? Come play in Syracuse's winter wonderland and see how, although "the weather outside is frightful," we love it anyway! Beat Jack Frost by snow tubing, hiking, skiing, skating and breaking a sweat at these snow-friendly locations: Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center, Highland Forest County Park, Song Mountain Resort, Beaver Lake, Clinton Square ice skating rink. For even more "nice" things to do in Syracuse this holiday, (if your name stays off the "naughty" list), click here.