Week of Oct. 15-21ATTENTION EDITORS, NEWS DIRECTORS AND METEOROLOGISTS:This is the sixth 2008 FALL COLOR REPORT for New York State. Reports are obtained from field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend. FALL COLOR REPORTS are issued every Wednesday. 

One of New York State’s best fall foliage seasons in recent years continues this weekend, as peak colors exit most parts of the Adirondacks and Catskills and make their way to points south and west. This weekend, you’ll find bright and beautiful peak or near peak colors in just about every region of the state, according to observers for Empire State Development’s I LOVE NEW YORK program. 


Leaf peepers looking for peak foliage in the Adirondacks this weekend should head to the areas along Lake Champlain, where Essex County foliage spotters are expecting 90-100 percent color transition by the weekend. Very bright shades of orange, red and yellow are nicely contrasting with the lingering green leaves. In the southern portion of Warren County, expect brilliant peak shades of yellow, orange, red and rust. Northern parts of the county are just past peak, but still very colorful.


Peak foliage has arrived in the Catskills region counties of Ulster and Greene, while exiting, for the most part, Sullivan and Delaware counties. In Ulster County, expect peak colors along the Hudson River towns of Marlboro and Milton, where vibrant red and orange leaves predominate. Expect just past peak foliage to the north and west in the county. Also look for near complete leaf transition in Greene County, where you’ll find gorgeous red, yellow and orange leaves throughout the mountains and Hudson River Valley.


This weekend, the Thousand Islands-Seaway region should experience its second peak. While optimum colors have left the Adirondack Mountain portions of the region, the areas along Lake Ontario are coming into full color. St. Lawrence County’s northern section will see bright and beautiful colors, better than in past years. Also look for peak foliage in Jefferson County. Alexandria Bay leaf peepers expect up to 100 percent color transition with very brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow. In Oswego County, foliage will range from peak to just past peak. Along the Salmon River near Pulaski, foliage is peaking with large patches of bright orange, red and yellow mixing in with the remaining green. Higher elevations along the Tug Hill Plateau are just past peak with faded reds, rust and greens.


The Capital-Saratoga region should be awash in stunning peak colors this weekend. In Saratoga County, look for 95-100 percent color transition with bright red, orange and yellow leaves lighting up the landscape. Schenectady County should see around 75 percent color transition highlighted by bright red and orange leaves. Weekend visitors to Grafton Lakes State Park in Rensselaer County can expect to find a bright backdrop of peak red and orange leaves. In Albany, the stunning view from Thacher Park in Voorheesville should be even more amazing with the addition of bright, beautiful peak colors of orange, yellow and red. Also in Albany County, foliage spotters in the Slingerlands area expect up to 80 percent color transition by the weekend, with bright yellow and red leaves predominating.


Foliage ranging from near peak to past peak will be found in the Central Leatherstocking region this weekend. Schoharie County foliage spotters predict 90-100 percent leaf transition with breathtakingly vibrant shades of red, orange, rust, yellow and gold. In Oneida County, Utica-based foliage observers also expect 90-100 percent color change with some remaining shades of green leaves dominated by bright orange, peach, gold and amber leaves, along with a few accents of red, brown and burgundy. Overall, the landscape is bright orange and gold. Southern Herkimer County will be awash in peak colors with bright, brilliant and beautiful reds, oranges and golds dominating the landscape. Look for near peak color in Otsego County, with 85 percent leaf transition and orange and yellow leaves predominating along with a touch of red and green. In Broome County, Binghamton foliage spotters expect conditions ranging from peak to just past peak, with bright orange, yellow and red leaves. Chenango County expects to be past peak.


Peak colors will be found throughout the Chautauqua-Allegheny region this weekend. At Allegany State Park look for 95 percent color transition with bright red, yellow, gold and orange leaves. Belmont, in Allegany County, should expect up to 85 percent color transition with bright red, gold, orange and yellow leaves. Chautauqua County is expecting up to 90 percent transition with dull-to-average orange, yellow and dark red leaves. In Cattaraugus County, expect just-past-peak and peak foliage this weekend, with 85-95 percent color transition and bright shades of yellow, red and orange predominating.   


Near peak to peak foliage should dominate the Finger Lakes region over the weekend. In Yates County, look for 90 percent color change with very brilliant red leaves predominating, along with shades of bright orange and yellow joining the remaining green leaves. Chemung County also expects 90 percent color change with a large percentage of the trees showing bright golds, rusts, blood reds and purples. Earlier changing trees are past peak with dull to average colors. Ontario County expects peak foliage with 90 percent color change and average to bright rust and orange leaves accented by touches of yellow and red. Steuben County is expecting between 90 and 100 percent leaf change and bright orange and red leaves. 


Cayuga County is expecting peak colors with 75 percent transition and bright gold, red and green leaves. Livingston County will be near peak with vivid orange and gold and patches of deep red. Onondaga County foliage spotters in Syracuse are expecting peak foliage this weekend, with 55-60 percent color change and very bright red, purple and yellow leaves. Seneca County is looking at 75 percent color change and near peak conditions marked by bright yellow, and dull red and orange leaves. Just past peak foliage in Tioga County will include bright shades of red, orange and yellow leaves. Schuyler County should see around 60 percent color transition by the weekend, with a mix of peak and just past peak areas of foliage and orange, gold and red leaves of mixed brilliance.


Foliage spotters in Rochester and Monroe County are expecting foliage ranging from near peak to peak this weekend. Overall, color transition will range from 65-80 percent with a good share of green-leaf trees remaining. Yellow-leaf trees are showing a lot of color change, while orange and russet-colored trees are beginning to lose leaves and thin-out near the tree tops. Red leaf trees are present, but not at full color.


In the Greater Niagara region, foliage will range from near peak to peak. Orleans County expects to be at peak with 80 percent leaf change and yellow and orange leaves of average brilliance. Genesee County is also expecting peak this weekend with about 60 percent color transition and bright red leaves predominating. Niagara and Wyoming counties expect to be near peak this weekend. In Niagara County, look for 85 percent color transition and very bright yellow, gold, orange and some red leaves. In Wyoming County, up to 70 percent color transition is expected by the weekend, with bright red, purple, yellow and orange leaves. brilliant; yellow, gold, orange and some reds; near peak to peak. Erie County foliage spotters are predicting foliage change to only be around midpoint by the weekend. In Buffalo, bright yellow leaves predominate, joined by patches of dark red and bright orange foliage.


This weekend, foliage in the Hudson Valley region should range from midpoint to peak. In the southern portion of Ulster County, around Highland, look for bright and beautiful peak colors of red, yellow and orange. In Columbia County, look for near peak to peak foliage with 80 percent change and golden yellow, orange and deep red leaves of average brilliance. Foliage spotters in Dutchess County are expecting peak leaves with 50-60 percent foliage change and very bright red, orange and yellow leaves. Visitors to Bear Mountain State Park in Rockland County can also expect some peak foliage this weekend, with 85 percent color transition and mostly bright shades of red and orange. In the New City area of the county, near peak foliage with 50 percent color change is predicted, along with bright orange, yellow and red leaves. Orange County is projecting 60 percent color transition with bright and brilliant red, yellow, orange, peach, copper and gold leaves. Westchester County is projecting 50 percent color change.


On Long Island and in New York City, foliage change is around midpoint. Hamptons foliage spotters expect 35 percent color change with red and gold leaves. Nassau and western Suffolk County leaf peepers are predicting up to 40 percent color change with orange, yellow, red and purple leaves of average brilliance. Leaf peepers at Staten Island’s Clay Pit Ponds State Park expect between 25-30 percent foliage change with bright orange and red leaves, and average-to-brilliant yellow foliage.


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