proctors-theatre.JPG Classes for all ages and interests -- from beginners to pre-professionals  in the performing arts Schenectady, N.Y. - Those with a passion for entertaining and the performing arts know that enhanced skills, increased competence, confidence and professional mentoring are necessary, in year-round pursuits. Many of the areas emerging stars of tomorrow already are looking ahead to the excitement and hands-on learning and performance opportunities that await at Summer Academy and Summer Adventures camps at the School of The Performing Arts at Proctors.
  • Summer Academy offers pre-professional training for young motivated artists looking to refine their technique and explore a career in the performing arts. Academy programs are taught by professionals in each discipline, giving students world-class training in their field of interest.
  • Summer Adventures provides opportunities to explore the performing arts in a fun and non-competitive environment.
According to Jessica Johndrew Gelarden, Education Program Manager, "Proctors  summer programs build the foundation for students with interest or talents in the arts, help them identify and explore different art forms, and aid them in pursuing career choices in the performing arts." What's more, says Gelarden, "Our programs are taught in non-competitive, accepting environments that foster growth and professionalism in the arts." From her perspective in managing the performing arts programs at Proctors, Gelarden is guided by the principals that inform all performing arts programs at Proctors: early training and creative experiences are what inspire and transform student, resonating with them as they develop to their full potential. "Students won't find a better leading cast than the teaching faculty at Proctors," says Ms. Gelarden. "And, our programs are offered for all ages, interests and skill levels."  

School of the Performing Arts at Proctors 2012

BROADWAY CAMP JR. July 9- July13: 9am-4:30pm (Ages 9-13) ACTING OUT!              July 9- July 13: 1pm-4:30pm (Ages 7-10)                    JAZZ INSTITUTE                                                           July 16 - July 20 & July 23-27: 9am-3pm (All Ages) IMAGINE THAT!          July 16- July 27: 9am-12:30pm (Ages 9-13)    IMPROV SCHIMPROV! July 16- July 20: 1pm-4:30pm (Ages 9-13) REEL ADVENTURES                                                     July 23- July 27 & July 30- Aug 3: 10am-2pm (Ages 10-14)  SETTING THE SCENE July 23- July 27: 1pm-4:30pm (Ages 9-13) BROADWAY DANCE                                        July 30- Aug 3: 1pm-5pm (Ages 9-13) BROADWAY CAMP July 30 - August 10: 9am-4:30pm (Ages 15-19) Act Now! Space is limited. Enroll now. Space is limited. Questions about these excellent programs, outstanding staff scope of kind of experience that awaits your own "rising star" -- Questions, comments or for more information, visit or call Jessica Gelarden, Education Program Manager, at 382-3884 ext. 150. Tuition Assistance is available for qualified applicants.


Stay up to date: Education at Proctors on Facebook! Editors, please note: Student narratives and photos are available to highlight the success of participants in the School of Performing Arts at Proctors. Please contact Jessica Gelarden, Education Program Manager, Proctors, 432 State Street, Schenectady, NY 12305,, (518) - 382-3884 ext. 150 for details.