Graduate student Jon Zella, dressed as a 3rd Artilleryman at Fort Ontario in 1814Students are Encouraged to Compete with Their Knowledge on War of 1812 Oswego, N.Y. - The fourth annual Oswego War of 1812 Symposium will be held from Friday, April 4 to Sunday, April 6. The symposium will be held at the Lake Ontario Event and Conference Center, 26 E. First St., Oswego. This will be the first symposium where SUNY Oswego students are encouraged to participate in the War of 1812 research paper competition. The contest involves SUNY Oswego students writing and presenting their findings on any aspect of the War of 1812. All SUNY Oswego students are welcome to participate. Students interested in competing must follow the requirements for the contest. The topic of the paper must be on some aspect of the War of 1812. There is no length requirement for the papers, but they must be able to be presented for at least ten minutes. All papers must be submitted by Monday, March 24 and several papers will be chosen to be presented Friday evening, April 4 at the symposium. Students whose papers are chosen to be presented at the symposium will have the chance to win up to $150. SUNY Oswego students who register with Dr. Richard Weyhing of the History Department a week prior, will have the registration fee covered to the symposium. "Students are the future of our history.  It's superb the History Department at SUNY Oswego took a leadership role in making Oswego a heritage tourism destination by engaging in cooperative programming with other community organizations," said Paul Lear, Superintendent of Fort Ontario State Historic Site and chair of the Oswego War of 1812 Steering Committee. "While the action at the new Lake Ontario Conference Center during the 1812 Symposium won't approach that at the Carrier Dome during basketball season, students and other attendees will rub elbows with the legends of history and be at center court for their often intense differences of opinions on the activities and actions of the armies, navies, and individuals who fought in our own backyard." Dr. Richard Weyhing, an Assistant Professor of History at SUNY Oswego, is coordinating the contest with SUNY Oswego students. "This is going to be a great event that brings together SUNY Oswego students, the local community, and a slate of outside scholars to explore Oswego's and New York's place within the broader history of the War of 1812. In particular, I'm excited about the student intern panel planned for the symposium. In the past, there have been a number of fantastic interns who did important work at the fort, and as a new member of the History Department I'm really looking forward to building a stronger relationship between the college and the site." For more information regarding the contest or to submit your paper, please contact Dr. Richard Weyhing at The War of 1812 Symposium will have twelve historian speakers that will present their insight on the War of 1812. Saturday, April 5 will kick start the symposium with historian and author, Dianne Graves. Saturday will also have presentations from Dr. John Grodzinski, an assistant professor of History at Royal Military College and Deborah Trupin, a textile conservator for New York State's Bureau of Historic Sites. Wrapping up Saturday's morning session, Keith Herkalo, the founding member and President of the Battle of Plattsburgh Association, will be presenting. The afternoon session on April 5 will begin with a presentation from Paul Lear, Superintendent of Fort Ontario State Historic Site. Following will be a presentation by Donald Graves, a military historian and author, as well as a presentation by historian Meredith MacVittie. Wrapping up Saturday will be Alexander Craig, a military historian and author. Sunday will begin at 9 a.m. with a presentation by Timothy Abel, archeologist and adjunct professor at SUNY Canton, followed by Dr. Gary Gibson, a naval historian and author. Constance Barone, superintendent of Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site and Lt. Col. Michael McGurty, superintendent of New Windsor Cantonment & Knox's Headquarters State Historic Site, will end the symposium. For a complete schedule and to register, go to or


Photo caption: Students will present research papers on War of 1812 topics on Friday evening during the April 4-6, 2014 Oswego War of 1812 Symposium at the Lake Ontario Event and Conference Center, 26 E. First St., Oswego.   Graduate student Jon Zella, dressed as a 3rd Artilleryman at Fort Ontario in 1814, and any SUNY Oswego student who registers at least one week in advance of the symposium with Dr. Richard Weyhing of the History Department, will have their registration fee waived [].