teamilnylogo.jpg   The members of Team I LOVE NY were asked: "What is your favorite New York State outdoor winter activity?" and here are the answers that a few members posted on the I LOVE NY fan page on Facebook. "Climbing the ADK's before first snow! Always with the camera in tow"- Katrina Lewis, Dallas, TX "Ice skating in Central Park..."- Gregory Theofanidis, Thessaloniki, Greece "Snowshoeing, sledding, birding, x-country skiing, and ice fishing at Bond Lake in Niagara County. There are so many trails and opportunities for winter fun there year round, especially in winter."- Brooke Genter "SLEDDING! Fingerlakes hills, of course." Mary Alice Homick "Making angels in the snow and feeling like a kid!!"- Debby McLean Nelson To learn more about Team I LOVE NY click here. And if you would like the opportunity to be included in our next Team I LOVE NY assignment and perhaps the chance to have your comments used in our next travel guide and/or here on, join Team I LOVE NY today! It's easy. Just go to I LOVE NY's Facebook page and, by simply clicking the "Like" button, you automatically become a member of "Team I LOVE NY". All you need to do from there is to start answering the Team I LOVE NY Assignment questions to become an active member of the community. We can't wait to hear what YOU have to say!