LANE Pocket Basin Yellowstone 1887Pleasantville, N.Y. -- The Art Gallery at the Rockefeller Park Preserve presents "Spacial Impressions", a photography exhibition representing artistic selections from five exceptional multi-talented photographers. Co-curator Michael Garber, Walter LeCroy, Bobbi Lane, Lee Varis, and Dyana Van Campen have dedicated a major portion of their lives pursuing creative, technical, inventive paths perfecting their skills while mastering a diversity of subjects and projects.

Michael Garber, a nature, landscape, and portrait photographer intrigued by the subjectivity of light, is drawn to objects as they are transformed in changing light. He employs this as a design element in shaping and capturing his images. Dramatic scenes attract his attention especially where color and texture create depth and intensity. He is the photographer for the book" The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens", by Linda A. Chisholm, published by Timber Press.

Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis, a dynamic duo, are award winning photographers having photographed a wide variety of subjects; Bobbi's work includes still life, people, and corporate projects. She produces a variety of educational DVDs on lighting. Hundreds of her environmental portraits are published in magazines. She has written several books. Lee Varis is a photo-illustrator and a digital and advanced imaging pioneer. He’s known as an “Adobe Wizard”! His photographic arts are featured on major movie posters, i.e.: The Starship Enterprise for Star Trek movies and "Silence of the Lambs", as well as video box covers, CD covers, brochures and catalogs. As dedicated photo educators, they teach lighting techniques. Lee is the author of the "Complete Guide to Digitally Lighting, Photographing and Retouching Faces and Bodies", a best-selling book among many that he has written. Among their projects, they have created educational DVDs conducted workshops and travel tours, worldwide.

Dyana Van Campen began her work as a fine artist over 30 years ago. She took one photography class early on (BFA degree requirement) and discovered how a camera can be an extraordinarily powerful tool. Beginning with film, she realized how to play with light both in and out of the darkroom. Dyana studied this medium in depth which resulted in a very successful photography career. Dyana began as a NY fashion and commercial photographer, then on assignment to the Netherlands she worked as an International photojournalist in Eastern Bloc countries and deep into the heart of India. Dyana returned home to start a family. Her editorial portrait and event work thrives to this day. Dyana revisits her artistic roots using oil paint and modern digital technics.

Walter LeCroy, photographer, engineer, entrepreneur; received his first camera at the age of ten developing a passion for filming patterns, textures, botanicals and landscapes. At twelve, his local paper the Decatur Daily in Alabama, published his images. His senior years were divided between a love of physics and photography. He created the first digital oscilloscope that inspired the LeCroy Corporation. Providing his acute technical talent to the pictorial printing of fine art photography, he created Imaging Arts, a company developing prints for his exhibitions and well as other artists.

Co-Curated by Audrey Leeds and Michael Garber, the exhibition will be available for public viewing at the Art Gallery at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve in Pleasantville, NY from March 13-May 9, 2021. Viewing hours are 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, daily.

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Image: BOBBI LANE Pocket Basin Yellowstone 1887

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