Washington 2023 ProjectNewburgh, NY (February 14, 2023) – The Washington Project 2023, a special video presentation by students from the Hudson Valley, will air on YouTube starting Monday, February 20th in conjunction with Presidents Weekend.  The program, consisting of individually created theatrical and musical performance pieces, will feature interpretations of historic events that took place while General Washington was headquartered in Newburgh.  These pieces, written by the students themselves, allows them to interpret history in a contemporary and meaningful way.

This endeavor is a collaborative effort of Safe Harbors of the Hudson and Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site. Funding for The Washington Project 2023 is provided through the New York State Connect Kids to Parks initiative, a program of New York State Parks and the Environmental Protection Fund.

To access this video on YouTube, search Palisades Interstate Parks Commission Television after 10am on Monday, February 20th.  You can also watch videos of The Washington Project from 2021 and 2022.

There will also be a special program, The Washington Project 2023 Live!, on Sunday, February 26th at 4pm at the Safe Harbors Lobby at the Ritz, 107 Broadway, Newburgh.  This event will include a viewing of the video, as well as a live component.

For more information, call 845-562-1195. 

Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site is a registered National Historic Landmark. It is located at the corner of Liberty and Washington Streets within the city of Newburgh's East End Historic District. The site is one of 35 historic sites within the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and is one of 28 facilities administered by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission in New York and New Jersey.   For further information contact: (845) 562-1195.  For more information about New York State Parks, please visit our website at www.parks.ny.gov. For more information call 845-562-1195 or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/washingtonsheadquarters

 The Palisades Parks Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports the Palisades Interstate Park system.  Partnering with PIPC, we protect the PIP’s natural and historic resources by raising funds, increasing public awareness and supporting visitor education.  

Palisades Parks Conservancy’s mission is to preserve the Palisades Interstate Park’s rich history and biodiversity,and protect America’s first bi-state park system. The Conservancy is committed to supporting parks where all visitors can play, connect, and immerse themselves in nature and culture.

Palisades Parks Conservancy support of the Palisades’ historic sites, including Washington’s Headquarters, ensures education programs are available to the public, our history is preserved, and sites are visitor-ready. Partnering to restore the Tower of Victory at Washington’s Headquarters is one of our proudest moments. To learn about events and programs available within the Palisades Interstate Park system, visit us at https://www.palisadesparks.org/calendar. To make a gift to support our historic sites and parks, please visit us at https://www.palisadesparks.org/donate-1.      

Contact: Elyse B. Goldberg | elyse.goldberg@parks.ny.gov | 845-562-1195