tioga-county.JPGNew visitor's guide outlines events, sightseeing, and more in Tioga County for 2013! Owego, N.Y. - The Tioga County Tourism team recently debuted the 2013 edition of the annual visitor's guide to Tioga County. The guide is a compilation of Tioga County's best of the best. Year after year, the guide offers both visitors and local residents a diverse menu of events, shops, and recreation. The guide contains an exhaustive calendar of events and remains a positive space for local tourism businesses to showcase what makes their services special. "In a nutshell, Tioga County offers a different experience," reads the guide's opening article. "We offer a different kind of stop in a different kind of setting... Tioga is all about authenticity and value, as well as the appreciation of the past." In fact, the 2013 edition contains an article titled, "30 Things Unique to Tioga County," a captivating collection of facts that will amaze life-time residents and newcomers alike! No matter what your hobbies and passions include, the 2013 Tioga County Travel Guide has an article for you. The guide is available on the Tioga County Tourism website, visittioga.com, and we urge you to call or email us at info@visittioga.com for your copy today! Contact: Tioga County Tourism Visitor's Center 80 North Ave Owego, NY 13287 1 (800) 671 - 7772