North Elba, NY - The Town of North Elba will enter a long-term lease agreement with the New York Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) for their use of the former Lake Placid Memorial Hospital property. The Town took over ownership of this property in 2019; this ownership will be retained and ORDA will lease the site for 50 years with a 50-year renewal for the purpose of expanding the Training Center. ORDA will be responsible for the removal of the current structure, relieving the town of the financial burden of this undertaking, while upgrading the property to enhance the sports industry in the region.

“New York State is dedicated to improving all of ORDA’s facilities,” said ORDA Chair, Kelly Cummings. “ORDA is happy to be partnering with the Town of North Elba on this project. It is an exciting time as we continue upgrading our venues for elite athletes and our guests. We look forward to hosting the World University Games in 2023 and wish TEAM USA great success”.

The site had previously been considered as a potential location for several North Elba community programs, including a community center and daycare. After careful consideration, the Town ultimately found that it would be cost prohibitive to retain use of the property, but that cooperation with ORDA could present alternative community benefits.

“The Town of North Elba is excited to work with the State of New York and the New York Olympic Regional Development Authority on this long-term lease of the former Placid Memorial Hospital site,” Jay Rand, North Elba Town Supervisor, said. “It will add year-round jobs to our economy and fits well with the current Training Center and the US Luge facilities.”

Securing the property will allow for the remodel and modernization of the Olympic & Paralympic Training Center Complex, one of only two Training Centers in the United States. It could also potentially aid in the expansion of the Training Center in the future.

“The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee is pleased with the tremendous transformation happening in Lake Placid through the considerable investments of New York State and ORDA,” said Sarah Hirshland, United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee CEO. “The continued investment into the Olympic & Paralympic Training Center Complex, which will serve as Team USA headquarters for the 2023 World University Games, and the recently updated USA Luge headquarters and indoor training facility, as well as upgraded bobsled, Nordic and biathlon facilities, enhance our ability to support American athletes in their quest to be best in the world - and elevate Winter Olympic and Paralympic Sport in the United States.”

In addition to the athletic benefits, a new facility on the former hospital property will help elevate other ORDA venues. The renovation of the Olympic Center on Main Street will displace the current administrative office space. The new ORDA building on the property will host the 70 staff, freeing up the Olympic Center for programmatic and customer needs, including an expanded restaurant with spectacular views of the Adirondack High Peaks, Olympic Speed Skating Oval, the ski jumps, and the bobsled tracks.

"ORDA is excited about this partnership with the Town of North Elba,” said Mike Pratt, ORDA’s President & CEO. “Our revitalization of the Olympic Center, with its stunning Adirondack views and prime location for visitor access, will result in an all-new hub of guest experiences, athletic training, and events.”

Community programs, such as a daycare, and a community center continue to be high priorities for the Town and suitable sites are being considered.

“We look forward to ORDA developing the old hospital property in a manner that will enhance and benefit our community and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the Town of North Elba is unable to utilize the property due to the cost prohibitive expenses associated with the demolition and removal of the structure,” Dick Cummings, Town of North Elba Deputy Supervisor, said. “However, the town board continues to explore further options for locations to expand and create services and facilities necessary to support our community, its residents, and workforce."



Haley Breen

Town of North Elba 

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