Tupper Lake, N.Y. - This month millions of commuters are getting a taste of Tupper Lake and the Adirondacks, courtesy of a brand new ad now running on subways, buses and signs in and around New York City. The ad features an image from the Raquette River taken by Wild Center board member, Rick Godin, a few years ago.

Hillarie Logan-Dechene, the Center's Director of Philanthropy, recently attended the Governor's Tourism Summit and was approached by an I LOVE NEW YORK staff member who wanted to include the Center in their ‘Get Outta Town' campaign. I LOVE NEW YORK, the state tourism bureau, launched the campaign last year, encouraging those in New York City to explore other areas of the state.

"Knowing our name is in front of a few million people in a hot bustling city, showing a much cooler, low-key place is quite a contrast," said Stephanie Ratcliffe, Executive Director. "Inclusion in this campaign and the exposure to millions of people can only be positive. I'm sure when some people think of New York, they think of towering skyscrapers and not moose, but as the campaign shows New York is much more than the city. We are so grateful to I Love New York for featuring The Wild Center and Tupper Lake like this."

Phone calls have already been coming in from people riding the subway who want more information.

Visit www.wildcenter.org  for more information.

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Tracey A. Legat