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    View of Schoharie County along Route 88

Friendship to Cuba

Angelica, Cuba, and Friendship Tours


(2 Days)


From the town of Friendship, take County Road 20 eastward past old churches and architectural works of brick and wood. Follow the railroad past Friendship Dairies and ride over the Genesee River. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the nesting eagles in this area. Turn right onto Rte 19 towards Belmont and visit the Pollywogg Holler Eco-Resort on North Road outside of town, where you can walk the sculpture gardens or stay the night in one of their unique cabins and lean-tos. Tour their wine cellar and enjoy delicious meals.

Back on County Road 20 east, you'll reach Angelica's historic buildings, art galleries, antique shops and delicious homemade food. Walk the inviting and picturesque Main Street where even the hardware store looks like a museum. Enjoy homemade sweets and coffee at the Angelica Sweet Shop before grabbing a bite to eat at the elegant Black Eyed Susan Acoustic Cafe, where you can enjoy live music, scrabble and chess in the evenings. Step back in time at the park circle in the center of town to get local food, wine, and other goods at the Angelica Farmers' Market or enjoy a Roque match. In late September, you will be captivated by the annual Angelica Civil War Weekend, including spectacular downtown battle re-enactments, period dancing and a parade.

Head north up County Road 16, then County Road 15B to State Route 70 west. Spend the night at the scenic Mountain Side Inn, part of Swain Resort, offering motocross, mountain biking, and sportsmen festivals in the summer and fall.


Follow County Road 15A west through Keeney Swamp State Forest Preserve, a portion of our nearly 46, 500 acres of state forests and 2,050 acres of state land with prime hunting and fishing. Take County Road 15 north and then County Road 4 west into Fillmore. If you head north on County Road 19A  you will be treated to a series of five knock-your-socks-off waterfalls while crossing the Wiscoy Creek in Rossburg. The rushing currents drove a waterwheel of a great mill at the bottom of the falls near well-marked hiking trails inviting dedicated hikers and casual amblers alike.

Take County Road 3 west through Centerville and then take State Route 243 south to Rushford. The communities of East Rushford and Kellogville lie below Rushford Lake due to flooding from the dam built in 1927 to form the lake. Rent a cottage from Rushford Lake Cottage Rentals if you have the time, and enjoy a couple of days catching the trout, crappies, bass, and walleye that swim the waters.

Continue on State Route 19 south and then State Route 305.On West Shore Rd at Cuba Lake  you will pass the first recorded mention of oil (in 1627) on the North American Cuba Cheese ShoppeContinent at the Seneca Oil Spring. Pause for a moment at the Lake's scenic overlook, or pause for the day to enjoy boating and fishing on the lake's calm waters.  Stay on Rawson Rd to pass the county's largest dairy farm, Marsh Acres. Take Water Street into Cuba and visit the Cuba Cheese Shoppe, nestled in the farmlands where cheese has been a principle product since the late 1800's. Cuba, at that time, was the "cheese center of the world"


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