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Q: How do I login?

A: You can access the site by going to:

Q: How can being listed as a tourism property on assist my business and how do I go about getting it listed?

A: As a member of the CMoreNY dataset, your free listing will be available for access and view by thousands of visitors to the site on a daily basis, in addition to links from our ILoveNY mobile app.  It may also be featured by the marketing team for special features, promotions and in our ENewsletter!  If you are on social media, or Trip Advisor, you can provide those links then view your account through CMoreNY any time to see how many times someone has accessed your site through our link to you. 


Determine if you are currently listed on site:    Click here to see if you are already listed.   You can use the search box on top of the page or go to our search area for attractions and enter a portion of your facility name in the Keyword box.  

Once you locate your property, it is easy to request access to update  your information and add images, please email to request access, be sure to include your property name as it appears on the site. 

A login and temporary password will be sent to you at the email you provide.  

If you are not listed, please determine if you are eligible for inclusion:

  • Any attraction to be considered for inclusion must currently serve more than their local market, drawing visitors from outside a 50 mile radius of the site on a regular basis, and encouraging overnight stays in the area (exclusion applied for 50 mile radius for NYC properties).

  • Attractions are defined as a site/location that visitors can access and expect to have a safe, fun, interesting, and/or educational experience.  
  • Must be legally operated according to NYS tax, health and local city codes, laws and regulations. 

  • Operating days should be a minimum of 3 days per week, with at least one of the days being on the weekend.  
  • Operating hours should be a minimum of 5 hours per each day open.  
  • A minimum of 50% of the business operation is related to the Attraction Category selected - Select up to two categories.  (If combined with a Stay Category, up to three categories can be selected.)  For a
    complete list of categories for attractions and accommodations, please click here.

If you are eligible for inclusion, please fill out the on-line form by clicking here or going to:  Once the form is submitted it will go through an approval process. If approved, you will receive an email with a login and temporary password.

  1. Begin to provide amenities, social media and YouTube videos links,

  2. An image is mandatory to be listed - add images, maximum image size is 1920 x 1080 (which is a horizontal size), jpg format, high resolution.  Preferred to be at 300 dpi.     

If you do apply but we find that your business does not meet our criteria, you will receive an email notifying you of this decision with the reason why.

Q: Who do I contact if I am having difficulty entering or finding information?

A: Please email Tiffany Garland will receive your emails and forward to the appropriate person for handling.

Q: How many people can login at the same time and work?

A: As each individual has their own unique login, multiple users can access the system at the same time. NOTE: If you access the same record at the same time, whomever saves it last will have their changes updated over the other person.

Q: What criteria has been established so that I can put in listings that will be approved?

A: Criteria has been created and is found on the Industry Update page. They cover what types of listings may/may not be approved for both facilities and events in all categories.

Q: Will my updates appear immediately on or do we have to wait?

A: All updates that must go through a review/approval process should appear live, once approved, on within 72 business hours. If a change is made to ‘minor’ information, the update should go live immediately. Minor information is defined as a Phone # change, Property name, address change, email change. If a listing needs to have a new image, description, category change, those must be approved at the State Gatekeeper level.

Q: Will there be additional training sessions?

A: Plans are being made to provide additional training sessions in various areas of the state in 2014. Please monitor the Industry Update page for further information as it is available. A first-time user training video will also be made available. 

Q: Where do I find the recordings of this training session?

A: The first-time user recording of the training session conducted can be found here:   Check Back Soon

Q: Is there a training manual on how to use this site?

A: At this time there is not a full written manual.  You can access a training guide for basic steps to the CMoreNY tool by clicking here.

Q: Why are some listings on showing with a red box around them?

A: These listings were deemed as a “Top” item based on research we gathered for the Travel Guide and from the information provided by each TPA’s submitted grant applications.

We can not mark every listing as TOP but if you would like different ones featured in this manner, please indicate that in the extranet tool by checking Top box.

Q: What do you mean by “Top”?

A: Top listings should be the Best of the Best that your specific county has to offer. We take into consideration promotions and marketing that your area is doing if it is centered upon a listing in the database, as described in the admin grant applications.

Q: Can I change any of the “Top” items or add more?

A: You can always recommend that a listing be included (if it meets our criteria) in the Travel Guide and as a feature item.

Space in the Guide is limited so we must consider the total number of listings we place. If we add more, we must remove a similar amount from other sections for that region. Please send the request, with specific details about the property to

Q: Listings I had in LEE don’t appear here – what happened to them?

A: Only listings that were marked as Approved or as a TPA Property were brought into the new system.   We understand that while those listings are appearing on, many are not available to the TPA partner at this time.  We are working on providing access to the correct TPA Partner for these listings.  You will be able to edit and modify information for them at that time. 

Q: What happened to all the images I had originally – they are missing?

A: Most of the images that were loaded into the prior system were not salvageable. We have brought in all that appeared without distortion. Images can be added at any time to the current listing so that the search results will show off the property info to a greater degree on the web site.

Q: How are the images on the header slides chosen? Can I provide you with other shots to use?

A: We utilized mainly images that were taken by our in-house photographer. Others were purchased from outside sources, while some were donated to us when we asked for specific areas/themes.

If you have any images that you own and believe would fit appropriately, you can contact Please provide them to us in photo shelter (or another media share tool), with a link and login that will not expire in less than 30 days. You should also advise us as to what page on our site you think it would be best suited for.  Please provide any necessary information for location, region, photographer credits. 

NOTE: Once images are accepted by for inclusion, it is understood that NYS has the right to utilize the image in other manners for the web or additional promotions. Payment for use of the image will not be considered by NYS for inclusion of any images used on our site in this manner.

Q: Are there regional videos being displayed on the site?

A: Unfortunately we have not yet compiled a set of full regional videos to display for each region/season. We have the links posted on the regional page for those that were originally submitted to us, but due to time limitations and the amount of work involved in the editing/placing of raw footage, we have not yet been able to produce these. As we continue to update our site, this is one of the features we plan to roll out.

If you have a video that you think is appropriate for your area, please send us a utube link of the high res video to and indicate which specific page you would like it considered for inclusion on the site.

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