New York Fall Foliage Report

Colorful Fall Foliage Reaching Final Destinations in New York State

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Peak leaves expected in New York City this weekend

This is the ninth and final 2014 FALL COLOR REPORT for New York State. Reports are obtained from field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend. FALL COLOR REPORTS are issued every Wednesday afternoon.

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Albany, N.Y. - A brilliant fall foliage season in New York State is expected to come to a colorful close this weekend as peak leaves gently fade on Long Island and arrive in New York City, according to observers for Empire State Development's I LOVE NEW YORK program.

Foliage color change in New York City picked up pace over the past week and is expected to average about 70 percent by the weekend. Look for the most change in the outer boroughs of The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. Overall, the foliage should be at peak, with moderate leaf droppage. Colors include pale yellow, green, deep orange, ruby red and brown, and the leaves are of dull to average brilliance with some bright standout trees.

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By the weekend, most areas on Long Island will be just past peak. Foliage spotters reporting from the Hamptons and the North Fork in Suffolk County predict just past peak foliage with nearly complete color change and bright gold, orange, yellow, pink, red, purple and green leaves. Also look for gold sea grasses and red leaves in the pine forest underbrush. To the west, spotters based in Melville in project nearly complete color transition by the weekend with bright orange, yellow, red, purple, green, and some brown leaves. Leaves are fading from peak to past peak; however there are still many very colorful areas across both Suffolk and Nassau counties.

All other regions of the state are now past peak. 

This is the final fall foliage report for 2014.


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