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New York Fall Foliage Report

Week of Oct. 22-28

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Bright, Peak Foliage Reaching Lower Hudson Valley and Final Upstate Destinations

Look for the best colors this weekend in Westchester County and along Lake Ontario

This is the seventh 2014 FALL COLOR REPORT for New York State. Reports are obtained from field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend. FALL COLOR REPORTS are issued every Wednesday afternoon.

Albany, N.Y. - Bright, peak foliage will be reaching its final destinations in upstate New York this weekend, according to observers for Empire State Development's I LOVE NEW YORK program. Look for peak color in the lower Hudson Valley and in areas along Lake Ontario.

In the Hudson Valley, Westchester County will be at peak this weekend with a bright mix of red, gold and orange leaves. Dutchess County will be just past peak, with some peak areas along the Hudson River. Look for bright yellow and gold leaves predominating, along with bursts of vivid orange and barn red. Orange County will see a mix of peak and past peak foliage this weekend with some brilliant shades or red, orange and yellow leaves.

Peak foliage is reaching its final destinations in the Finger Lakes region. Spotters reporting from Monroe County are calling for past peak conditions in most of the county. Although there are still some leaves that are green in color, a majority of trees have changed and many have dropped their leaves. Peak foliage may still be found along Lake Ontario. Look for yellow leaves with some red, orange and green mixed in. Ontario County will see peak to past peak foliage with brilliant shades of orange and red scattered across the hillsides and in the surrounding valleys. Steuben County will be past peak with nearly complete foliage change across the county and dull to average yellow leaves along with some orange and red leaves. Most leaves are now bronze and brown. Chemung County will still have some peak areas remaining by the weekend with vibrant shades of orange, red and yellow predominating.

Queens - Vanderbilt Motor Parkway

Foliage at midpoint of change will found throughout Long Island and New York City this weekend. On Long Island, spotters reporting from the East End expect midpoint foliage conditions with 50 percent color change and orange, red, purple and a good amount of green leaves of average brilliance. To the west, spotters in Melville also expect 50 percent color transition with orange, yellow, red and purple leaves of average brilliance.

Shelter Island - Long Island

In New York City, it's a mix of foliage conditions. Spotters reporting from Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens are calling for 40 percent color change and a mix of brilliant areas of bright red, orange and yellow leaves, along with some bare patches and plenty of green.

Brooklyn - New York City

All reporting stations in the Catskills are now past peak. The southern portion of Sullivan County is past peak but there are still some isolated areas with brilliant yellow and gold leaves remaining. Ulster County spotters in Kingston report that conditions will be past peak by the weekend, but there are still some areas with stunning bright red leaves and varying shades of orange.  The mountains in the Great Northern Catskills of Greene County are now past peak; however there is still some good color in the county's Hudson River Valley areas. Look for very brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow.

Most areas of the Thousand Islands-Seaway region will be past peak by the weekend. Spotters in Oswego County note that peak foliage may be found this weekend in the southern part of the county and along Lake Ontario, with yellows and reds transitioning to dark oranges and light browns.

In the Greater Niagara region, Niagara County will be peak to past peak this weekend with 70 percent color change and bright yellow and orange leaves, along with some shades of red. Erie County will be past peak with 70 percent color change and some pops of red and yellow throughout the landscape. Other areas of the region are past peak.

In Central New York, Madison County is now past peak, however some good colors can still be found at Chittenango Falls State Park. Look for bright to dull orange, yellow and red leaves.

The Chautauqua-Allegheny region is now past peak. Spotters in Little Valley predict 90 percent color change by the weekend with yellow, brown and rust leaves.

All other areas are now past peak.

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