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Adam Miller Toy & Bicycle


This charming toy store will remind you of a bygone era. You'll find all toys that don't require batteries. Adam Miller Toy & Bicycle has everything from Slinkys, pogo sticks, puzzles galore, sports balls, model cars, stuffed animals and even color books and sketch pads for those that have that creative nature. They even have some of the newer, in-trend toys like fidget spinners and fidget cubes. No matter what age you're shopping for, Adam Miller's is sure to have something everyone in your family will enjoy- whether it's Gumby who brings back those beloved childhood memories for the adults, or the shinning new bicycle for the one learning to ride. Since 1918, they've also specialized in bicycle sales, repair and complete bicycle restorations. There's one for every member of the family, whether you're looking for a sporty model, a rough terrain bike or one that's easy to ride.